The Five Best Vape Mods For College Students

For some mods on the market, but it still gets the job done right when it comes to silencing your cloud cravings. This 85-watt mod is a trimmed-down version of the popular SMOK Alien, but the AL-85 is perfect for hiding in the palm of your hand and stealth vaping during that boring lecture in statistics class.



The SMOK T-PRIV has some nifty features that help make it one of the best vape mods for college students. Not only can the T-PRIV chuck out massive clouds and rev up to 220 watts of power, but it’s also fashionable. This vape mod has built-in lights to set to the color and pulsating frequency you want. Pretty wicked, huh?

Joyetech Ocular C

What sets the Joyetech Ocular C apart as one of the best vape mods? Well, for starters, you can crank the Ocular C up to 150 watts, and it’s got firmware updates that are readily available through the Joyetech website. You can also use the app to get upgrades and even remotely control some settings on your vape. This vape mod also plays music and lets you customize the screen with your favorite photos.

Joyetech ATOPAK Penguin

College is difficult, but the Joyetech ATOPAK Penguin keeps things simple af. This is an all-in-one vape mod that uses replaceable pods, so you don’t have to build your coils or mess with many settings. Vapers can still tweak how they vape by using different rings with the ATOPAK Penguin. Plus, it looks like a penguin in profile if you turn it sideways, and that’s pretty darn cool.

Aspire, Breeze,

The Aspire Breeze is one of the best vape mods for college students because it’s ridiculously worry-free, and it’s good for cloud chasers or recent ex-smokers. The refillable tank comes built into the Aspire Breeze, so you don’t have to change out cartridges. You can vape it with high-VG or high-PG juice. The Aspire Breeze can be vaped in manual or auto mode when you’re too lazy to press buttons because of all that stupid statistics homework you had to do.

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