Top ten tools to finish your college essay in time

College essays are a big part of being a student. Almost every subject requires writing multiple essays within each semester. It is a well-known fact that most students are not well organized with their time and obligations. With tasks coming in fast and plenty from most subjects, students need all the help to finish all their debts in time.

Luckily for students, there are all sorts of online tools available, free or not, to help them write essays more easily and faster. We will explore some of the best and most helpful in this article. Students even have plenty of options to buy a custom college essay written specifically based on their instructions from one of the many writing services available online today!

tools to finish your college


Let’s take a look at some of the tools designed to save you time and energy when writing an essay:

  1. com

An amazing website helps you expand your vocabulary and give you more options when finding that perfect word. Designed as a set of quizzes and games that help you learn new words in a fun and easy way.   

  1. Phraseology

It’s a great little app for all IOS-based products. It is a text editor that helps you optimize your essay and increase its readability. Easy to use and access, integrated with Dropbox and iCloud so you can save all your work directly there and don’t have a risk of losing it.

  1. Thesis Generator

One of the most difficult parts of any essay is the beginning. Even if you have good knowledge of the subject and have done prior research to prepare for the report, starting your paper can be a hassle. This Is where the thesis generator comes in. It will give you a simple form to fill in with the necessary information for the paper. This will generate a clear plan to follow and help you get started.

  1. Essay map

The essay map is a similar tool to the thesis generator but with more emphasis on your future paper’s visual presentation. If you acquire knowledge more easily visually, this tool is for you! The essay map’s end product is a flow chart with step-by-step instructions for your essay!

  1. Mnemonic

Monica keeps all your research materials in one place and under one account. You can file them under different categories for easy access whenever you need it.

  1. Grammarly

It’s a great app for proofreading. Spell check and punctuation suggestions and even alternative wording. There are plenty more advanced grammar options in the premium-paying package.


  1. Hemmingway app

The Hemmingway app focuses on readability. It will point out sentences that are too long and difficult to read.

  1. Freedom

Freedom is an app for Mac and Windows that will disconnect your internet for a period you set. You will be more productive without constantly checking your Instagram and Facebook!

  1. Plagiarism checker

Naturally, if there is any part of your paper that is plagiarized, it will be rejected. Students often copy parts of text found online to save time. While working hav,ing a plagiarism checker on it will immediately point out if a piece of your paper could be considered plagiarism so you can edit it before submitting your work!

  1. Bibme

Bibme is a great tool to help you with citations and to build your bibliography. It has various academically approved styles, and you can find books or websites to quote directly from the in-tool search engine!

There you have It. Incorporate some of these tools into your essay writing, and you will be done and ready much easier and quicker!

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