Top 7 Reasons to consider assisted living for your Ageing parents

According to statistics, about 10000 people are turning 65 years old every day in the United States. The same statistics also say that the number of adults who will have an age of 65 or up will increase from 14.5 percent in 2014 to approximately 21.7 percent of the total population by 2021. With the number of old adults increasing at this rate, the burning question in front of society today is how to ensure senior housing across the country.

Assisted Assisted living for? If you have a parent who is above the age of 65, and you are not okay with them handling all their medicines and other personal needs, yet, they are also not in a situation where they need constant care, then they are perfect for an assisted living environment. Assisted living is also favorable if you are the only child and live far away from your parents. Hence, when your parents live in an assisted living environment, your stresses will be reduced.

In this article, we will discuss some of the reasons for which assisted living is advantageous.


Some people generally think that they will not have enough privacy once they are in an assisted living environment. But, this is a myth. Generally, in an assisted living environment, everyone is given special preferences regarding how he/she wants to lead his/her life. If he/she wants a bit more privacy than the other people staying at the facility, they will be given a one-bedroom apartment on one side of the facility to have their own privacy. In case they need someone, there would be a bell at the corner of the room to call upon the attendant.


Many older adults want to socialize with people of the same age, but they can’t. Since, as they age, they lose the capability to go out and socialize. Staying in an assisted living environment will allow them to socialize with people of the same age.



Sometimes, older adults need assistance when they are bathing or with some of the daily chores. Living in an assisted living facility will give them an attendant, who will be there for them, with only a touch of a button.

Quick Medical Attention

Older adults can have medical issues at any point in time. Living in an assisted living environment will help them get quick medical attention since assisted living residences usually have contracts with nearby hospitals and doctors.


In an assisted living environment, a person is always free to go out and have a day out with friends and families at any time if they wish to do so.

Delicious Meals

There is an in-house caterer who cooks dishes for all tenants every day. Therefore, a person who is a tenant can come down to the hall to have a feast with the other tenants. Or, if he/she wishes to have food delivered in his/her apartment, he/she is free to do so in an assisted living environment.

Special Events

To make the older adults feel good about their lives and never feel bored, the assisted living facilities arrange for parties and events throughout the year. This is another great advantage of living in an assisted living community.

Decatur House is an assisted living residence at Sandwich Village of Cape God. It is a great place for older adults to stay. Contact them to know more.

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