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Students were not used to writing essays in high school as it was not a mandatory task. Once in college, however, it becomes mandatory and ends up being a huge challenge to many. Students cannot choose to ignore writing since it is required as it reflects immensely on their overall performance. While some struggle to become skilled and proficient writers, others rely on essay writing services from essays for sale writing companies. Some students learn how to write their essays, whereas others choose to be dependent on these companies. Fundamentally, every student learns how to write their articles to prepare them well for their exams.

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Students need to take heart and understand that essay writing is not as difficult as they presume. Through practice and continuous exercise, one gets to grow and develop as a writer and enhance their communication skills. As a student, you can seek exercises from your lecturers or professors or ask for essay samples from essay writing companies. This is a good start to steady progress in becoming a professional writer. Secondly, you need to fully comprehend the essay writing guidelines as essay writing is not similar to writing a story or a poem. This will equip you with the essay writing golden rules you need to follow. Below are some of the Perfect Essays team tips on writing an effective essay you need to consider to grow and develop as a proficient writer.

  • Create a captivating introduction. The introduction is essential in an essay as it familiarizes your readers with your paper. Additionally, it shows the focus of your essay. For the audience to comprehend and appreciate what your article is about, they first need to go through your introductory paragraph. Therefore, you need to create a captivating introduction. An introduction should always begin with a strong hook, and its purpose is to capture the readers’ eyes and arouse their interest in reading your article further. A thesis statement is also an essential part of an introduction. Always include it in the introduction and make sure that it holds enough to reveal to the audience what you wish to focus on.
  • Add your voice.  When writing your article, your audience ought to understand what you are writing about. To achieve this, you need to show the reader(s) that you understand what you are writing about by adding your voice. This means including your thoughts, ideas, and opinions about the topic in question. The audience will not only find it easy to understand your essay but also enjoy reading it. They will also understand that you are well aware of what you are talking about, which will further motivate them to read your article.
  • Use examples. When writing your essay, your audience ought to comprehend what you are writing about. They do not need to draw their conclusions to understand what your article is all about fully. To accomplish this, therefore, you need to use examples in your paper. This enables them to familiarize themselves with certain situations in your paper, thus making them understand your article more easily. Moreover, using examples enables them to acquire new knowledge of something they did not know before.
  • Make your essay easy to be read. While writing an essay, you should aim to get the audience to enjoy reading your paper and make them interested in your other pieces. Therefore, you must ensure that the reader(s) will not encounter challenges when going through it. They ought to find it easy to read and enjoy it. To achieve this, use transitional sentences. These sentences show the relationship between your paragraphs, allowing your article to have a smooth and systematic flow. The audience will find it easy to read through your paper hence get to enjoy it. Additionally, it would help if you also used simple language which the reader(s) will not experience difficulties trying to comprehend. It will also allow you to enjoy going through your work once you are through with writing.
  • Use simple sentences. Essay writing necessitates the use of simple sentences and vocabulary. When writing an article, you must put yourself in the reader(s) position. Capturing the attention of the audience is one of the main objectives of essay writing. The reader(s) ought to be moved and interested in reading your article. Using complex sentences makes it hard for you to continue writing your paper as you may easily fail to understand what you are writing about. This ends up being irrelevant. It also makes it hard for the audience to comprehend your paper, making it easier for them to lose interest in your paper. Therefore, ensure that you always use simple sentences in your article.
  • Don’t use too many clichés. Students are prone to using clichés when it comes to essay writing. Clichés are considered easier to use and will often offer one quick answer. However, students must understand that creativity is significant and will endear readers to your pieces. Therefore, develop the habit of coming up with your sentences and phrases instead of depending on cliches. This will make your article unique and appealing to the audience.
  • Revise your writing thoroughly. After writing your essay, you must go through it or ask a friend to read it while identifying any mistakes they might find. Revision tends to be beneficial in various ways. First and foremost, it helps you correct the mistakes you have made. Secondly, it helps you know whether your essay is relevant to the topic or not. Thirdly, it enables you to check for plagiarism cases hence ensure your paper is plagiarism-free. Forwarding your paper without revising it will bore the reader(s) and make you get poor grades as you will get low marks. Therefore, you need to ensure it will give you good grades as well as please the audience.

In conclusion, essay writing is not as difficult or hard as many students deduce or believe it to be. Any individual can grow and develop as a writer through continuous practice and adherence to the essay writing guidelines. The tips provided above can offer you a start and help you in developing into a great writer. Writing will help you in many ways, including enhancing your communication skills. Therefore, do not ignore the essay writing tips stated above but engage them whenever you have a writing task, and you will experience change.

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