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Requirements for Foreign Graduates aspiring to be Doctors in Australia

It’s indisputable; Australia has a perennial shortage of qualified medical practitioners. Especially in rural areas. This compels the Australian government to outsource medical practitioners from other countries. Currently, there are various GP vacancies in Australia, and foreigners are yearning for these opportunities. Working in Australia, especially as a doctor, is a dream for many foreigners. That’s due to the conducive working environment provided by employees and considerable salaries.

What are the requirements to work as a doctor in Australia?

First requirements

First, before anything, one has to be conversant with the English language. You have to demonstrate a competent level of the language. That is, in English title IELTS, you should have at least one 7 or have at least a B in all parts of the OTS.

Requirements for Foreign Graduates aspiring to be Doctors in Australia 1

Once you are done with the first obstacle, you must validate your title of human medicine. You will achieve this by either yourself doing all the procedures or hiring recruiting companies to guide you through the entire process.

How to become a medical doctor in Australia?

A competent body named Australian Medical Council (AMC) evaluates and validates your studies in medicine. Its primary role is to ensure the standards of education, training, and evaluation of the medical profession are appropriate in every case to promote and protect Australians’ health.

In this case, the necessary documents are the original title of human medicine, translation of your sworn title, and English title IELTS or OET. Once your documentation is done, the body evaluates your case. There are two options; you are either equivalent or partially equivalent. If you are partially equivalent, you are closer to being registered as a doctor in Australia. Therefore, the next step is to perform a theoretical and practical exam.

The theoretical exam can either be done inside or outside of Australia, and it costs AUD 2.350. The practical exam is only done in Australia, and it costs AUD 3.120.

After the exams, you are almost there. There are two ways to get registered as a doctor in Australia. If you are a specialist doctor such as a surgeon, you are supposed to complete your training coupled with 12 months of supervised practices then you can do anything on your own.

The other option is if you are a general practitioner, you need to first access “limited” membership and work as a doctor in Australia in an area called “area of need.” Usually, there a few doctors in these areas; hence, physicians are in demand.

What you should avoid when applying

Always be truthful, avoid shortcuts. Let your resumes reflect your credentials. Many doctors tend to provide fake documents in the name of outshining their competitors. Don’t bother; it may cost you the opportunity. Australian agencies are very critical in any document you produce. They thoroughly examine them and are eager to know their sources.

Wrapping up

Australia has got myriad opportunities for foreign doctors. You have to be good enough to be shortlisted by the Australian Medical Council (AMC). Ensure your documents are outstanding and try to have enough details in your discipline.

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