Top Reasons to Get a Property Survey

Purchasing a home or land is a big investment requiring much research. People are often tempted to skip hiring a property surveyor to save a few dollars. However, getting a detailed property survey is crucial to finding important details about a house and its land. You might think you know everything about the property, but only a detailed survey conducted by a professional surveyor will give you a clear picture.

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A surveyor conducts a property survey when you’re buying a home or constructing something. The surveyor begins by researching the land’s history and a title search to ensure no discrepancy in the land’s ownership. All the legal descriptions of the land are well-researched. The surveyor also conducts fieldwork to sketch the ground, its boundaries, and other elements.

So, whether you’re buying a home or a plot of land, a property survey will show the boundaries of the property, the lot size, and the property description. Considering the amount and value of your investment, obtaining an up-to-date survey becomes essential. Before you decide and skip this vital step, read the following reasons to protect your investment with a property survey.

Get accurate boundary line details.

Often, disputes happen between neighbors over boundary lines. A property survey will help avoid future disputes when building a fence, adding an extra room, or paving your driveway. It gives a property owner exact information about the boundary lines and other distinctions of possession. Boundary line disputes often cause serious issues with fences. A property survey will mark the boundary lines to eliminate such fence disputes.

Subdivide regulations

People often invest in a property to divide it among families in the future or sell it for a profit. However, different countries and cities have their regulations regarding subdividing. A property survey will determine any existing rules and regulations concerning dividing plans.

Know about zoning classification.

Zoning classification is regulations that affect the features and usage of a property. The property may be zoned for residential or light industrial use. Therefore, a survey will inform you about any such restrictions on using the property. It is an important consideration as breaching these zoning rules may result in penalties and legal actions from the government.

Find out underground cables & drains.

Do you think it’s the right of utility companies to use a proportion of your land for line upkeep, even if this falls under your home? This means finding out about underground water, electricity, gas pipes, telephone lines, drains, wires, or cables is important.

Easements & encumbrances

There are chances that your neighbor has the right to walk across your yard to the street. Thus, with a property survey, you get to know the easement on the survey map, which is missing from the deed. It will also inform you about encumbrances regarding any claims or liabilities about the property’s title.

Thus, a detailed property survey tells you about the property you’ll potentially purchase and any disputes down the track. To make a wise decision, an experienced house and property land surveyor will guide you about the land or home you might buy.

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