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Ever since the first smartphone appeared on the market, mobile devices have become an essential part of our lives: an entertainment source during free time, communication with friends and family, and later an indispensable tool in work activity. But what if the possibilities of bright entertainment displace our attention during work?


The main killer of productivity! How do you think who it is?

Both at work and at home, you can be distracted by various factors. If your job is connected to the Internet, you know how to start doing some important task, and after a while, you catch yourself in social networks, forums, games, or news. Therefore, we must live among the factors that distract us from important things. The only solution is to learn how to adapt our work to such conditions.

In 1915 Albert Einstein presented the brilliant and revolutionary theory of relativity. For three years, he has entirely devoted himself to creating this theory without being distracted by anything else.

It was a little digression into the past, and now we turn to the modern realities: today, the tendency to “do less” has become quite popular. And the key to reaching the best index of your productivity is our Focus. I don’t urge you to spend three years creating one project, but such a focusing method is beneficial.

Focus. Make your device the best productivity assistant!

Any tools that we use should make our work and life more comfortable. Limit the time spent on distracting websites, social media, games, email notifications, and even text messages; install the Focus app blocker on your Mac to stop wasting your time and increase productivity. Working with the utility reminds school. Durthe ing a “lesson,” the chosen applications or sites are blocked, and during the “break,” they are available again.

The main Focus Features

1. Meet the deadline. The wish to check mail, Twitter, and VK are still strong even if you have a deadline. Suppose the temptation in an image of the mobile phone easily turns on your consciousness and doesn’t allow you to concentrate on the task at the most inappropriate moment. In that case, it is time to acquaint yourself with Focus for macOS. Work on the report, the thesis, or another essential issue without thinking about distractions. Catch a minute of common sense and block the most “harmful” applications. Access to the secured applications will be open only for the period of a break.

2. Balance your work and rest. Turn Focus into personal time management. Focus allows you to set any period for work and rest. Set, for example, 45 or 80 minutes as working hours; don’t forget to determine break time, and the application will remind you when you need to raise your head from work and when it’s time to start working again. Of course, many hours of unrestricted hard-working dramatically reduces your productivity. But long breaks do not help to get any results.

3. Keep motivated. If you visit the blocked by yourself page, you will see a gray screen with the motivating quote or picture, which you can choose from offered settings or create on your own. It will help you keep in mind the full completion of a task and keep the necessary spirit.

4. Check your progress. With the help of built-in analytics, you can monitor your performance – the amount of work done, time spent on work and rest, and the number of tasks completed. This analysis allows you to assess at what stage to the target you are and make adjustments to your work’s pace. Sometimes the best way to motivate yourself to continue working is to see your progress

5. Plan your time. By scheduling assignments, it will be easier to finish all your essential tasks on time and without stress. Feel that you keep everything under control.

Work faster, easier, and more productive with Focus.

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