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Top Tech Trends to See in 2018

From year to year, there has always been the tech news & update. When it comes to the tech update, there’s always something interesting to expect, from a robot assistant that helps you with the household tasks or the drone that helps you to observe the environment. Many innovations have adorned the 2017 year and it is not surprising that the advancement will happen in 2018. So, here are the top tech trends to see in 2018.

Improved AR

Folks have been familiar with the AR (augmented reality) entertainment. One of the significant examples is the Pokemon Go which has been attracting millions of users around the world. It is a multi-million dollars business which will be prevalent for next decades. Not to mention that the introduction of the affordable AR glasses will open the access to more users. This will not only happen in the game, but also in the real life. It is now possible that people shop from their viewpoints, thanks to the HUD – heads-up display. It is definitely one of the greatest tech news & update.

AI Assistants

You’ve probably heard of Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana, as well as Amazon’s Alexa. Actually, they are not new things. But they will be much more prevalent for modern users. These technologies have taken over in the daily devices such as PC and smartphones. These are expected to be involved in broader usages such as homes and offices.



Gone are the days when 4K was exclusively provided for the riches. In 2018, there will be tons of 4K smartphones launches at such affordable prices. These smartphones will have the ability to record videos in 4K. Of course, we won’t only see in Smartphones. Expect to witness the improvement of 4K in handy cams, drones, dashcams, and even CCTV.

Significant Numbers of Electric Cars

You have probably seen this kind of tech update. More and more countries are banning vehicles which use petrol and diesel. India, Britain, France, and the list goes on. It is predicted that the number of the electric car will increase from 1.2 million in 2015 to 100 million in 2035.

The Evolution of 3D Printer

Let’s admit it if the 3D printers improvement has been pretty stagnant these recent years. It is because people are not convinced about the speed and quality of the predecessors. But in 2018, there will be faster 3D printers. It is definitely a tech update that you don’t want to miss.

5G Mobile

5G mobile is happening! In the end of 2017, standards for 5G had been agreed by the telecoms rule-setters around the world. This year is going to be awesome for the handheld users. Vodafone, for instance, clued that there will be a fresh tech update in around January or February 2018.

Mobile Shopping

With tons of shopping, apps are offered in the Play store, shopping through phone has become a part of habits of many people around the world. It is one of the most significant tech news & update. Mobile shopping will replace PC shopping for online shopping. That means your mobile phone can be the main shopping tool. Most popular ecommerce sites nowadays encourage their users to shop from the phone by offering discounts if the users shop from their apps. Shopping from a mobile device has been a trend because most people love the idea of shopping while on the go VPN Providers like ExpressVPN also provides an online shopping VPN allowing for more savings and security.


So, what will happen with drones? Although in some countries the restrictions of usage are getting tighter, the increasing number of the users is significant. The manufacturers will introduce much smaller drones with more powerful features. The good thing here is that Drones are not new tech update. So, folks can get these for a reasonable price. With such hypes, no surprise that many have it now. But be ready if your country sets such strict regulations for using the drones.

Some Folks Overlook SLR Cameras

It was believed that people would choose their smartphones over SLR cameras. Now it is a reality. Google has the Pixel 2. That is the solid proof of it. Most users will conveniently carry around their smartphones and snap some precious moments right through their favorite devices. This situation will be growing more. The developers will improve this tech dramatically this 2018.

The New Mobile Phone Fingerprint Scanners

We are talking about the phone fingerprint scanners which are located under the display glass. You may be guessing giant brands such as Apple or Samsung to start it. But it is not. Instead, Vivo, a reputable Chinese mobile company has this technology. But unfortunately, they won’t market their products in the US.

The Foldable Phone

Samsung claimed that they have been developing the tech news & update on the foldable phone. The respective device will be named as Samsung Galaxy W. However, the final stages are expected to be announced at the end of 2018. That means the launch of the product can happen in early 2019.The information and details are still biased. But we can expect the enlightenment at the end of 2018.

Voice Assistants

Voice Assistants are not most recent tech news & update. However, it has been such a core part of the mobile phone experience. The Google Assistant is one of the most prevalent products for most users. The significant improvement is that the ability of Google Assistant to sound more like a real human. The white paper has been released to the public a while ago. You could check it out and be surprised.

No More Power Banks!

One of the downsides of using nowadays smartphones is the low life expectations of the standard battery. Tons of users have been complaining about this. Then the power banks came as a solution. However, it is not the best solution. Not all people want to bring such bulky tool with their phone while using it in the public. The idea of the mobile phone is to make life simpler. Power banks often give some problems in terms of availability, effectivity, and safety as well. Not to mention there have been several cases involving the explosion of power banks. Many phone manufacturers promise more powerful smartphones batteries in 2018. This will eliminate the risks of using power banks.


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