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How Voice Assistants is Changing Lives?

Alan voice AI allows you to integrate the voice assistant function into your app. Alan Voice AI can do anything for you. You have to say it out loud. For example, you want to hire an Uber ride. The voice assistant can help you with this. You want to turn on the light. The voice assistant can also help you with that. All you need to say is the light on, and it will turn on the light. There is no need to unlock your phone screen and tap on an icon to turn on the light.

Your Voice Assistant May Be Getting Smarter, But It's Still Awkward

Provide Knowledge of Various Subjects

Alan voice AI can tell you information on a specific topic. For example, it can tell you about the current weather in a location or how to spell a word. You can ask your speaker to advise on matters of law and health. Apple is in the process of upgrading Siri to have healthy conversations with users by 2021. There are also cooking apps with a voice assistant that can tell you the ingredients and instructions for a recipe without looking at the screen. This makes it an attractive technology for food brands, offering free recipes to incentivize customers to buy their products. Get more details at

Improve Life Quality for the Disabled

Alan Voice AI offers a better quality of life for the disabled and older adults. Devices with voice assistants are becoming cheaper and becoming more affordable. Elderly or disabled people can also use a voice assistant to contact emergency services. The user doesn’t have to pick up the phone, swipe the screen, and go to the dial app to dial 911. Instead, the user needs to say a code to get help.

Perform Voice Search on the Web

Consumers can use their voices to search and purchase the products they are interested in on the internet. Voice search is ideal for lazy people typing queries into the search box. Google has a voice search app that allows you to say the keyword and perform a search on the internet. However, if you want to purchase the product, you must use the store app.

Your Voice Can Be Used as Fingerprint

When buying things, your voice can now be a security measure, like a fingerprint. Google’s Hands-Free app allows you to shop at stores using only the app and voice. Soon, people will be able to pay bills with a voice command. This means they no longer have to go to the creditor’s branch to queue up and pay bills.

House and Car Based on Voice Technology

Voice technology can be advanced so people can build a house based on the voice assistant. Now, they still do not yet have this type of house available. But, if it does, voice technology can play a bigger role in people’s lives. This means you can control all aspects of the house by simply giving a voice command, such as the garage door, security, and entertainment device. And you can even use your voice command to tell the car to start, like Batman’s car controlled by a human intelligence computer.

No Need to Bypass Mobile Screen

With a voice assistant, you can bypass the mobile screen. You say the command, and it will do the task you request for. It is convenient for people who are driving the car. It is dangerous to look at the phone screen when you are going. You can make a mistake by hitting someone on the road when you are not looking at the road.

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