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Is Lottery Legal In India?

Yes, Lottery in India is legal now. You can buy lotteries from any lottery outlet in India. If you are a lottery lover and want to make money then this is good news for you.

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Currently 6+ Indian state governments are organizing lottery games. These lottery organizations are fully trusted and they already gave $150000 million dollar prizes to winners.

Here are the states, who are organizing lottery games.

  • Mizoram State Lottery
  • Sikkim State Lottery
  • Nagaland State Lottery
  • West Bengal State Lottery
  • Arunachal Pradesh State Lottery
  • Kerala State Lottery
  • Punjab State Lottery
  • ETC

You can buy these lottery tickets from any lottery outlet. It cost around 5 Rupees / Ticket, so this is very trustful lottery games. You can also check the lottery results online from Lottery Sambad results website.

Lottery Sambad is an official news / Newspaper for lottery results and lottery news. They are also giving you the claim form in the website.

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How To Buy Lottery In India?

This is very simple method just find a lottery store near your location. Then just pay the lottery charges and take your lottery ticket. Lottery store owner give you some unique numbers [ Ticket number ]. You have to save the ticket very carefully. Because they will not give you the prize money if your ticket became damaged or expired.

If your number selected then you have fill the claim form of lottery sambad. Then you have to submit it to the nearest withdraw center. They will take 2-3 days and you prize money will be added into your back account.

Sometimes they cut some extra charges, But don’t worry you will get the prize money for sure.

How To Check Lottery Result?

You can check lottery results daily, From Lottery sambad’s Official website. In India daily 4 results declared everyday. You can check all results from the website. Also it will update daily and they also provide you a good quality user experience also.

You can check online results and also download the result in PDF format for further use. Currently the website provides you the old lottery results also. Now you check the news of lotteries.

They will update lottery winner names also, You have to purchase the newspaper for this type of news.

State Wise Lottery Details

All state wise lotteries are organized by state government. Many states organize daily lottery games and some of them organize on special events.

You can purchase daily lottery for good winning chances. The prizes of the special event lotteries are more than daily lottery.

Mizoram State Lottery:- Mizoram state lottery is one of the popular lottery ticket game of India. Over 1 Million people daily buy this lottery. The prizes are handsome and withdraw process is very fast.

Nagaland State Lottery:- This lottery organized by Nagaland State government. Here you will get a good amount of prize, and also this is one of the trustful lottery organizer.

Sikkim State Lottery:- This lottery game is a evening based lottery. This is an evening lottery game. It is the biggest lottery game in the India. Very famous, and the prizes are very good of this lottery.

West Bengal State Lottery:- It is a special event lottery organizer. They only organize occasionally. But the prizes are good but the reputation of this lottery is not good. They don’t provide the full prize amount, and also many winner face issues with this lottery organizer state.

Kerala State Lottery:- Well organized lottery, You will get a good amount of prize from this state’s lottery.

Other States:- There are some other states who are organizing lottery games since a long. They are also giving a good amount of prize but they are not regular. That’s why people not interested on other states.

Final Words

If you want to earn a huge amount of money and don’t want to spend time, then this is the best way to do so. Just buy any daily lottery tickets and wait for the result, that’s it. Over 100 People becoming millionaires every day in India, through this lottery game.

In India, You can also find some private lottery agency. They also organize their own lottery games. The prizes are good but they are not trust worthy like the government lotteries.

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