The Top 5 Benefits of Installing Awning Windows

Are you unable to decide what type of windows you should install in your home? If so, awning windows can be a great choice when picking your replacement windows.

When it’s time to replace the windows, choosing the right window type is the most crucial decision. It doesn’t make much sense to settle for the same design when you have numerous other attractive options available. And one such amazing option is an awning window that offers numerous advantages. When looking for a new style, awning windows are possibly the best pick as most homeowners prefer this style over others. So, let’s take a look at what exactly awning windows are and the benefits they offer.

What Are Awning Windows?

The awning style windows are hinged at the top of the frame and open outwards. This type of window allows ventilation but the exterior of the window needs to be kept free from obstacles so that it can easily swing to the exterior. They crank open only a few inches so that you get a sufficient amount of fresh air.

The awning window could be open during a rainstorm to let the breeze in without letting the rain to enter your home. These crank windows are longer in width than height and the insect screen is mounted on the inside of the frame which prevents it from weather damage. These not only look fantastic but also come in different materials such as vinyl, wood, aluminum or any combination. So, you can pick any material to complement your home’s design. The windows of this style are best suited for hard to reach areas such as over the kitchen sink or the bathtub.

Benefits of Installing Awning Windows

There are various reasons that make an awning window the best choice for replacement windows.

1. Proper Ventilation

Awning windows are preferred by homeowners because of the ventilation they provide. You can open these windows as little or as much as you like. The windows of this style are installed higher in the walls which ensure proper ventilation, as well as the flow of natural light. Also, you can easily control the amount of air flowing into the home by adjusting the angle of the crank. The right placement of awning windows provides perfect cross-ventilation and creates a pleasant atmosphere in the home. This will help you in preventing mold growth and saving energy cost.

2. Versatile Sizes and Designs

Awning windows are extremely versatile and come in different standard sizes. This means you can install small windows close to the ceiling and larger ones in the center. You may also think of installing awning windows in combination with different window styles such as casements, bay or bow, double-hung, and picture windows. These are a popular choice among homeowners because its design fits easily with the look of any home. Moreover, high window placement means you get more wall space for your furniture and décor.

3. Better Protection

Awning windows have tight weather construction which makes them a perfect choice for moist and humid climates. These windows protect your house from harsh weather conditions without restricting the air flow. You can enjoy the fresh breeze without worrying about rainwater getting into the home. Your home temperature will remain comfortable in all weathers because the seal protection prevents air from passing through. Moreover, high mounting of these windows provides maximum privacy all the time.

4. Energy Efficient

The biggest concern of every homeowner is minimizing their energy cost. Awning windows are a great option to reduce your energy consumption and bills over time. This type of windows is designed to retain warm air and keep cold air out during winter. Moreover, by installing energy efficient Low-E glass, you can also block the scorching sun rays outside in summer season. Thus, awning windows are known to save your energy bills by reducing the need to run your heater or air conditioner.

5. Great Contemporary Look

When it comes to choosing windows, you need to make sure that it matches the overall design of your home. Awning windows are best to give your home a contemporary look. This style can never go outdated and is considered a timeless classic. The versatility and flexibility of these windows balance almost every theme and décor and even blend with windows of other styles. Moreover, you can choose between different styles and sizes of awning windows to suit your home design. In addition to this, you may also have the option to get custom awning windows to achieve a unique look for your home.


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