Get the Best Price for Window Installation Toronto

The windows’ price varies based on the type of window you choose and the labor required for the installation. Homeowners often ask, “What promotions or discounts do you currently have on windows?” This question frequently comes up even before the homeowner asks for a quote.

Several considerations go into pricing windows. When you see promotions like “Buy 2 Get 1 Free”, it is an unrealistic sale. The salesperson decides the final price of the quote and an acceptable profit margin. So, while it may seem you are getting something for free, the total cost of your window installation in Toronto will be the same regardless of the promotion.

But you can save money by knowing when to shop for windows. Here are some ideas for getting the best deal on your replacement windows.

Buy Replacement Windows During the Slower Seasons

Most companies install windows year-round. But the best time to buy replacement windows is in the late fall and early winter. The sales volume for many companies slows down, and they will be more willing to give you a discount to earn your business.


The two most popular times of year to buy windows are early spring and early fall. The early spring peak time for window installation is usually between mid-March and late April. The early fall rush occurs between September and mid-October.

The best time to shop for window installation in Toronto is Late November to mid-December. Most companies quote a 4-6 week period for your custom window order for windows to be manufactured and delivered. This means that your installation would be scheduled for late January to mid-February.

Get The Best Deals on Window Prices In Toronto 2023

Your Windows Can Be Correctly Installed in Winter

The quality of the windows you buy and the proper installation determine how long your windows will last. Regardless of the weather, a window installation Toronto professional will ensure no water or moisture seeps into the wall to reduce your windows’ effectiveness. A professional window installer will evaluate the weather and follow the right procedures for installing your windows in that kind of weather.

Prepared installers should use tarps and booties to ensure that the least amount of water and mud ends up in your home. And professional installers will clean up after themselves when the window installation is complete.

Ultimately, a window installation in Toronto is more about the amount and type of precipitation that occurs on installation day rather than the temperature outside. So, if you are looking for a good deal on windows, remember that the best time to buy windows and get a good price is late November to mid-December. And your window installation would be scheduled for late January to mid-February. Good luck shopping for your new windows. They are one of the best improvements you can make to your home.

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