Moving home has been crowned one of the most stressful life events, and we can see why. Just thinking about it breaks most people out into a cold sweat. The truth is, even if you’ve moved home multiple times in the past, there is nothing you can really do to fully prepare for the stress factor, and it’s easy to let it overwhelm you if you aren’t careful. If, however, you’re keen for the entire process to run as smoothly as possible, follow our simple tips below to help you along the way:

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Get some storage space
One of the more difficult factors about moving is that if you’re in a chain, the actual move generally has to happen in one day. This means, even if you pack up a lot of your belongings beforehand, the house will be in chaos for a number of weeks and you’ll quickly find yourself running out of time on the day. If you want to give yourself a bit more time, hire a self-storage unit so that you can pop any infrequently used items or larger items into there, giving you more space inside the house and freeing up time on moving day.

Of course, you can make even that easier on yourself by also downsizing the amount that you have to move. If you feel that you have accumulated far too much clutter over the years, then you might want to think about throwing out as much of it as possible. Doing so will mean that you are able to make the move quicker, as you have less to take with you, and it will give you the feeling of having a fresh start when it comes to moving into your new home. This is definitely worth considering if you are hoping to make the move not only stress-free, but even faster than you might otherwise hope it to be.

Don’t move far’? 

If you are moving to upsize or downsize, there is no reason to relocate across the country. Instead, you might just want to think about moving across town, which is going to make the situation easier in a large number of ways. By moving locally, not only will you be able to go back and forth between properties to support the movers, it also means you won’t have the stress of having to register with new healthcare professionals or familiarise yourself with completely new surroundings.