Windows Material: Vinyl vs. Wood

When you plan to remodel your home and windows replacement is one of its points, it is essential to consider your new units’ material. Today wood and vinyl windows are the two most common choices for homeowners. Below you can compare these materials in terms of four factors: energy efficiency, maintenance, cost, and visual appeal.


Wood is a great natural insulator that can help you keep the outside temperature from influencing your home. As a result, you will need to spend less money on heating and cooling your home all year round. With the help of several additional features, such as weather stripping, you can also get rid of any condensation and make your new windows even more efficient.

Vinyl windows have a great R-value (this feature measures how much heat a material can allow). According to reviews from the windows replacement company, EuroSeal in Brampton vinyl is close to the wood in terms of insulation and can also preserve the house’s constant temperature very well.


Wooden windows are made of a natural material, which means that it requires maintenance and pretty much of it. If you take care of your new units regularly, which includes at least re-painting once a year, then you will perfectly enjoy their visual appeal and natural beauty for a long time. If you know that you will not take care of them regularly, experts from Ottawa consider other windows materials.

Vinyl windows win the battle of maintenance because these units require maintenance neither in the beginning nor in the long run. The only thing that you need to do for your vinyl windows is cleaning them at least a couple of times a year with a mop.



Wooden windows being made of natural material undoubtedly cost more than their vinyl counterparts. According to statistics from windows companies in Calgary, wooden units will cost you more upfront and long.

Vinyl windows requiring less maintenance and being made of PVC cost less both upfront and in the long run. Statistics say that vinyl windows are the best combination of great cost and perfect efficiency in all respects. If you are looking for the best budgetary option, then vinyl windows should be your choice.


Wooden windows are beautiful and very quality upgrades to your home. They can add timeless style and greatly enhance the curb appeal of any home and the house’s overall value. If you get the right units for your home and take good care of them, wooden windows will be a beautiful and functional asset to any home for many years to come.

Vinyl windows are the most common replacement windows in Mississauga, both chosen by homeowners today and already installed in the existing homes. As they are resistant to any weathering, they can add charming curb appeal and simultaneously increase a house’s value.

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