SD Card Corruption – What Are Its Primary Causes

An SD card is a type of memory card usually placed on a smartphone or a camera. Like other types of data storage mediums, there is a possibility for this card to get corrupted. Six main reasons lead to corruption in this card.

SD Card Corruption - What Are Its Primary Causes 1

What is an SD card?

This is a tiny size flash memory card that allows data access at high speed. It is highly suitable for electronic devices that can be removed. Some of them being smartphones, digital cameras, etc. It is a good method to store several videos, pictures, and other types of files.

How to prevent data loss in an SD card?

Corruption in an SD card can cause the data present in it inaccessible. Specific Software available in the market is programmed to assist in SD card recovery.

  • Reasons for damage in SD card
  • Physical Damages

As the SD card is minimal in size, it is quite susceptible to physical damages. Bending of the card, spilling of water or liquid on it can cause damage to it. If it gets damaged, it can become useless.

File System Corruption

To read the SD card data properly, you must pass the OS. If the OS does not work properly, it can even result in the corruption of the file system corruption. This can lead to damage to the card and make the card’s data completely inaccessible.

Accumulating Bad Sectors in SD Card

With passing time, bad sectors may get created on a traditional hard drive. These bad sectors imply bad storage space that restricts data storage capability anymore. The increase in the card’s bad blocks can even make the SD card stop working permanently.

Incorrect insertion or removal of SD Card

Like a USB flash drive, the SD card needs to be inserted to connect via a smartphone/camera. To make the connection, you will need to plug in and out the card properly. When it is not done properly, such as very frequently or violently, then there are chances that the card can get destroyed.

Malware or virus infection

Another important reason behind the corruption of an SD card is due to malware attacks. When such virus infection happens, it can instantly damage all the data stored inside the SD card. This can cause the data to be unreadable and make the SD card inaccessible too.

Interruption in the formatting of SD Card

There can be times when you would need to format your SD card. If the formatting procedure gets interrupted, then there are higher possibilities that the SD card gets compromised. It becomes difficult to get it repaired. So, this requires you to remain cautious when you plan to format your card.


These are some of the reasons that can cause damage to your SD card. Learning about them will help you prevent extensive damage.

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