A Beginner’s Guide to SEO in 2019

It is 2019, and so much has changed in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) world. However, a few fundamental principles are still the same. For example, keywords continue to be essential and reveal much about what users seek. This article will use SEO strategies to help your site rank highly in Google search results. These tips are significant for both SEO Auckland and SEO Melbourne.


Page speed is critical.

About 40% of users are estimated to abandon pages that load slowly. So, to improve the user experience on your website, page speed is critical. Page speed is one of the most important factors Google considers when ranking web pages. If your page takes over 3 seconds to load, you are fighting a losing battle for high Google listings. So get rid of anything that slows down your site.

Link building is essential.

Link building to other sites remains a smart strategy for SEO. Some think linking to other sites is bad because it takes people away from their page. However, linking to other areas makes your site more valuable as it sends out trackable traffic.

Remember that you are writing for people.

Sure, you want to drive search results. But at the same time, engaging content is relevant for your audience. You are not writing for search engines; you are writing for people. To create valuable content for the user, after all, the people will be reading the content. And search engines follow the users.

Always create unique content.

Creating unique and helpful content is a must if you have decided to market and promote your business (small or big) online. There is something called the freshness factor, and it is majorly affected by unique content. Search engines are always looking out for fresh content, and the easiest way to score highly when it comes to the freshness score is by consistently producing content.

Make use of web analytics.

You cannot improve how your page is performing regarding SEO if you are not analyzing the results. You will need software to track what is working and what is not. Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and other web analytics software can help you track your strategies’ failure or success. It would help to have this web analytics software in place before sending out your first content.

Use meaningful and readable URLs only.

If users cannot understand your URLs, then it is less likely that search engines will. Your URLs must be readable and easily understood by users and search engines alike. Avoid page URLs with numbers and characters. Your URLs should preferably be made up of words and dashes. Besides, users are more likely to remember URLs they could read and understand than those they couldn’t.

In conclusion, when you pay attention to these SEO tips, you can drive more organic traffic to your website and acquire more leads. Plus, it would help if you made your pages mobile-friendly. In 2019, people spent more time surfing the internet with their smartphones and tablets.

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