Home design trends in 2018

Skillful architectural and creative interior design is forging ahead in an amazing new partnership 2018. On the architectural side, smart homes are increasingly popular, with several features gaining much attention. To complement the trend, décor moves away from mainly neutral palettes and minimalism and moves towards brighter, more cheerful interventions in keeping with a busy family home. Here are some of the principal trends for the year.


Architectural developments include:

  • An emphasis on connecting indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Architectural design elements that admit more natural daylight
  • Creating a central hub, such as a kitchen, for instance, with break-out spaces in smaller rooms for a variety of other uses
  • Designs that embrace technology but are comfortable to live in
  • Maximizing function while minimizing energy usage
  • Open-plan interiors where feasible
  • Using a mix of different materials to add interest to internal features, such as walls and fireplaces.

In turn, interior design is embracing several changes, such as:

  • Accessories that are energetic pops of color in every room
  • A move away from minimalism
  • Brighter, richer colors, especially in kitchens
  • Favoring Art Deco trends, especially materials such as brass and wallpapers featuring shell shapes
  • Geometric patterns on wallpaper, especially circles
  • Larger-than-life florals in contrasting hues
  • Mixing materials and textures as an alternative to a uniform approach.

Bathroom bonuses

Increasingly, bathrooms and shower rooms are being replaced by stylish wet rooms, which have many advantages for homeowners, including increasing your property’s value. Wet rooms are easier to clean and more accessible, plus the construction techniques, which involve tanking the walls, are better for your property as leakages are less likely, as is the formation of dampness or mold. Additionally, as tile designs have become more sophisticated, you can opt for combinations for your bathroom and kitchen walls that look like wallpaper.


An interesting design trend for kitchens is moving away from pale, neutral kitchen units and cabinets and removing basins in stainless steel or white. Instead, warmer tones are being used on kitchen furniture to generate a cozy, welcoming feel. Materials such as copper, stone, granite, and decorative concrete for sinks and countertops are becoming more popular. Trough-shaped basins are also part of the 2018 trend: they are wider and deeper than conventional ones and are particularly good in nurseries and laundry rooms. Subway tiles remain a firm favorite, with larger versions being introduced as these are easier to keep clean because they use less grouting.

Bedroom bliss

It seems that understated tones in bedrooms are fading away in favor of grand floral designs. Whether it’s a feature wall adorned with softly textured wallpaper or a collection of bed linens in contrasting colors, flowers are big in 2018 and seem set to stay for quite some time. In recent years, wooden cladding on interior walls in kitchens and bathrooms has been popular. Design connoisseurs say these are now moving into bedrooms, particularly cladding with an inbuilt design. The effect is similar to decorating a bathroom or kitchen with occasional ‘feature tiles.’

Leisure for living

The Art Deco movement was nothing if not glamorous, so if you invest in some wonderful architectural features and stylish accessories to create the right atmosphere in your living room, be sure to protect yourself against any mishaps. A home warranty is ideal, as it’s a protection plan that offers you coverage for common home repairs, so if you have an unexpected problem with a wet room, a home warranty will cover any mishaps. It seems velvet is appearing again on upholstery so a velvet couch may become a must-have feature in your living room.

Essential accessories

In bathrooms and kitchens, many stainless-steel faucets are replaced by copper or gold-colored alternatives. This is part of the ‘warm up your home’ trend and will likely last for some considerable time. In the same way, lighting is taking on a new look, with vintage shades in various materials gaining new ground. Think copper pendants above dining tables, for example, or antique or artisan chandeliers fitted with LEDs.

Getting the balance right for your home in 2018 depends on selecting one or two of your favorite ideas from the trends list. Trying to achieve everything is likely pure folly, so aim for the look that suits your budget and pleases you the most. You can always make choices for next year.

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