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Reliable Air Conditioning Services

Getting a reliable person to do aircon services is challenging. With over years of experience, Oasis Aircon stands out as the top among the companies helping you with heating and cooling problems in Singapore. As a company, we make sure that we serve our customers to their satisfaction, ensuring we meet their expectations. Depending on your aircon problem, we will repair it.

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Here are the various air conditioning services offered:

1. Air Condition Repair

Sometimes you will realize some parts need only a few repairs. It is, therefore, necessary to understand if the company has reliable equipment during the process. We have skilled personnel to handle the work comfortably. It is good to know; that different air conditioners require additional servicing.

2. Oiling Motors

You may not have the required gas to top up your aircon, but don’t worry. At times you may not know the right oil for your motors. Let us do the tiresome work while you relax. We will do that for you.

3. Cleaning

It is good to have your air conditioners cleaned from time to time. By doing this, you will be saving yourself in the future from incurring extra cost that arises from blocked tubes. Clean your air conditioners regularly also to increase their durability of them.

4. Maintenance

After servicing your aircon, our work does not stop there. We do follow-ups to ensure our customers are satisfied with our service. And if there are any problems with our servicing, we will reinspect the situation and do the servicing for you with no extra charges!

5. Checking on any dark leakage

Suppose your air conditioner tubes are blocked due to dust. We have the necessary tools to handle them. We want to ensure your aircon work in perfect condition again.

6. Chemical washing

Some air conditioners require washing with chemical detergents. Some stains and dirt are not easily removed by plain water. Specific chemicals are used to wash and disinfect the different parts of the aircon. The experts thoroughly check them and ensure that you go with a cleaned conditioner at the end of the day.

7. Inspections of Air Conditioner

It is good to inspect air conditioners frequently. Check if fans are doing all right and ensure no blocks between the pipes. This helps you know how to handle a problem if it arises and prevent serious damage in the future. If you do not have the time, we have the time to do that for you.

I hope you understand the importance of having your air conditioners checked fromregularlyh reliable service providers. Sometimes you may try to do the servicing yourself but later make things worse than the way they are. Please visit Oasis Aircon Services in Singapore for reliable air conditioner services; here, you will understand the various services offered. Therefore, the benefits are pocket friendly, ensuring the air conditioners with problems get the services needed to make their functionality work effectively as expected.

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