Choosing Style for Your New Windows

Once you have firmly decided to renovate your home with new windows, it is just the right time to consider various window styles. No doubt, the preference, and taste for windows style vary depending on your personal desires, but you need to remember the options you have before making the final decision. Below we prepared several short descriptions of the most common window types to help you choose and install the right windows for your home.

Casement Windows

According to experts in installing and replacing windows in Medicine Hat, casement windows are the type of the most common windows here. They pivot on special hinges that are located on the side of the frame; thus, they open like doors. In most cases, casement windows are taller than they are wide and can offer perfect ventilation for any room. Moreover, with casement windows, you get a perfect and unobstructed view, along with a modern look.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are designed to slide up or down. They are usually used for more traditional interiors because of their traditional visual appeal. Modern makes of double-hung windows are manufactured with a spring-mounted mechanism replacing the old-fashioned weight and pulley style hated by homeowners.

Sliding Windows

According to statistics of Mississauga windows companies, sliding windows cost less than their counterparts. Furthermore, they require very little maintenance in the future, which is also a great advantage for kitchens or bathrooms. With sliding windows, you need to be ready to get less ventilation than with casement or double-hung windows since only half of the unit can be opened. But they do offer a perfect view as well as casement windows.


Bay Windows

Bay windows are used to enlarge the space inside of the house. Designers from Calgary say that they are frequently installed to make a dramatic statement. As a rule, bay windows are installed in breakfast nooks or dining rooms to give them more breathing space.

Purchasing and Installing Your Windows

When it finally comes to purchasing your new windows, make sure that you check the wall thickness in your home before you order. It is important to do so because if the wall thickness is not standard, manufacturers will be able to customize the frame jambs to match them with whatever wall construction you have. It is advised to hire contractors to do such important measurements.

You should also know that pre-hung come absolutely complete with the finished frames so they can be inserted as a single piece into the window opening left by the old unit. Mississauga windows experts expelling that after the old window is removed, you will need its size to get new windows of the proper fit.

And the final word about windows is to remember that all manufacturers today offer customized options. If you have non-standard window openings or shapes, you can always order specially customized windows. Be ready to wait a little more for such an order and pay slightly more because special orders require special treatment.

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