Raising the Stakes with Speed Skating

The subject of speed skating is a popular one. Whether it’s the skaters who race around the oval-shaped rink with inline speed skating to beat their previous times in competition and become either the World Champion or the Olympic Champion, or just adventurous fans of roller skating who want more of a challenge, going faster always has its attractions.

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When using regular roller skates with subtler design cues isn’t doing it for you anymore, how about something made specifically for rink speed skating or outside the rink?

Getting the Right Gear

Roller skates designed either for speed skating or fast rink skating are slightly different from regular roller skates. They’re typically bolder, flashier, and intentionally stand out from the crowd. With roller speed skating, the footwear must have greater padding, as any fall will be felt more. The bearings are quite often ABEC-5 type for improved responsiveness. The boot and the plate beneath it must be tough enough to take the punishment that a fast ride endures too.


The main feature of a roller-skating boot made for fast movers is the wheels. They often come with dual and triple-pour manufacturing processes that deliver a special look that cannot be produced any other way. The wheels should look excellent when not moving and awesome from the side when speeding along.

Roller Games World Championship 2017

The previous Roller Games World Championship 2016 was a huge success. It inspired many people to travel to China to attend the games and participate wherever they could. The Roller Games World Championship 2017 in Nanjing, China, brought in record crowds with the relay events, inline freestyle dancing, marathons, one lap, and senior man races being most popular. Inline speed skating along a road route and skateboarding were also popular with skateboarders competing for the first time at the event.

The games are a source of great inspiration to attendees and those who watched on television and over the internet about what can be achieved on a pair of roller skates. The wide array of competitive races and artistic performances on skates was surprising and impressive at the same time. Attendees returned home rejuvenated with fresh ideas.

Speed Skating Tricks

Performing tricks at speed are not something to be taken lightly. It’s usually only some of the more seasoned roller skaters who would think of combining the two. However, as the quality of materials used in the wheels combined with the rest of the speed roller skate’s improved construction quality, it’s become possible to perform an array of different moves safely by experienced skaters. It’s certainly not something recommended for beginner skaters, and even intermediate skaters would do well to learn from advanced skaters who have become highly proficient at this skilled art form in their own right.

Raising the stakes by speeding up your roller skate game isn’t easy to do. It would be best if you were semi-experienced first to avoid painful drops to the ground when it all goes sideways. Be sure to get enough time on the roller skates perfecting your form before you switch up the speed to something more impressive.

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