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Mack Prioleau – What Skills You Need to Become a Sports Professional

I was chatting with a buddy of mine recently, Mack Prioleau, he plays college football and is hoping to make it to the pro league pretty soon. We were talking about what it is that sets apart the players of any sport who are good at what they do and the people who actually go on to turn pro. Today we are going to take a look at what skills are required to get to that pro level that so many of us dream of.

Naturally, having ability in your chosen sport is a given and we are not going to delve too far into the amount of skill level that you need to have, we are going to look at the characteristics that are required, along with your skill, to make it to the big leagues.

Hard Work

Whether you are naturally gifted or not, you are going to need to put in blood, sweat and tears into what you do and approach your sport with all out dedication and hard work. No pro athlete in history has ever got to where they are though natural ability alone and many actually got there based more so on their hard work than their ability. Ex-Manchester United defender Gary Neville is one of the club’s most decorated players and it is well known that he was one of the worst young players in the academy, aware of this, Neville put in hours and hours of hard work and went on to captain the soccer giants for years. If you aren’t prepared to put the work in, then don’t expect any success.



Fine Tuning

The very best athletes understand where their weaknesses are and practice persistently until they have overcome them. Many think that the skill set which they have cannot be altered but this is the kind of thinking which those who do not make it the top have, those who do become pro are the ones who work hard on their weaknesses.


Being great at sport is not just about playing, you also need to be a student of the game and have detailed knowledge about each aspect of it. If you want to be a quarterback for example then you should be watching hours of footage of the likes of Brady, Manning and Montana to see how they rose to the top of their craft. You cannot get to the top on ability alone and if you want to make it then you need to know all that you can about your sport.

Mental Strength

Throughout your sports career, you will face many setbacks and adversities that will test your mental toughness. If you want to get to the top then you will need great mental strength to overcome things like losses and injures. The best athletes in the World have steely mental strength and you will need to work hard to ensure that you do to if you want to some day turn pro.

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