Ouija Game: Spirit Board for the Digital World

If speaking with paranormal entities is your kind of thing, Ouija might be the game for you. The Ouija board design has changed little since its advent in 1891. It is typically a rectangular board with a small, heart-shaped pointer, or planchette, that glides around three legs. Two arched lines containing the English alphabet letters are printed on the center of the board, along with a string of numbers directly below the letters. “Yes” was published on the upper right with the sun and “No” on the upper left with the moon. “Goodbye” was printed along the bottom.

Digital World

Attorney Elijah Bond patented the first board and called it the “Ouija Egyptian Lick-Board,” although the board probably had little to nothing to do with Egypt. Ownership moved around for the next 70 years and was finally sold to the Tymaker Parker Brothers in 1966. With this toy, anyone could speak to the spirit world.

Myth and Magic

The description of the Parker Brother’s Ouija board on Amazon proclaims, “It’s only a game – isn’t it?” This ‘game’ has evoked various reactions from the public, ranging from skepticism and intrigue to fear. A movement known as Spiritualism emerged in the mid-19th century. Mediums would use ‘talking boards’ to connect with the dead. By the early 20th century, séances and readings were becoming popular as fun entertainment and even as serious attempts to make contact with the world of spirits. The Ouija board entered this mystical context with its spin on divination boards.

Much of the fear and negativity surrounding this game come from religious groups that are not divination dangers. Some believe Ouija-contacted spirits are only of the evil persuasion. Catholics, in particular, advise against its use. If you decide to play the game, always end a session by saying goodbye, not leaving a portal to the other side open. Avoid asking scary questions if you make contact with an evil spirit. Evil spirits can feed on fear.

It is controversial as to who or what is driving the motion of the planchette. Spiritualists insist a force from beyond is the culprit, while scientists believe it is due to the ideomotor effect. The ideomotion theory says the unconscious mind can cause the body to move without the conscious mind being aware of its influence. Play the game, and you can decide.

Ouija for the Digital Age

The original board’s instructions require two or more players to rest their fingers on the planchette lightly. One person asks the questions. Everyone attending the séance needs to concentrate. The planchette will be pushed around the board, seemingly of its own accord, spelling out words or stopping over numbers. It may even respond with a ‘yes’ or a ‘no.’ Responses are read through an opening in the center of the planchette. Anything but a yes or no should be written down for later analysis. It can take up to five minutes for anything to happen. If nothing happens, players should ask another question. Concentration is essential, and contact is not made during every session. The ability to channel spirits must be developed over time.

The Online Ouija board game by Redwerk allows you to contact the spirit world from the comfort of, well, anywhere. It captures Ouija culture’s essence and provides the best of the spiritual and digital worlds in software that works on your phone or desktop. This game is not for the faint of heart. It provides users with an online interactive Ouija board that works.

This fun, interactive game allows you to ask the spirit world questions. Whether looking for answers to serious questions or having fun, this game has it all. You might not have to rope a friend into performing a séance with you, but you should still approach Ouija with reverence and concentration.

Redwerk has created an app that brings a fresh approach to an old game. Ouija spans all the back to the 1800s. Now, you can channel the power of the Ouija board through your phone or desktop. But be careful; you might not like the answers you find.

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