5 Major Types of Home Improvement

Many people start by thinking about the little things when it comes to home improvement. Painting a few walls. Fixing some parts of the outdoor landscaping. Adding some lights. Decorating a room. But then there are big things to consider, too, that may potentially add value to your home.

Some examples of this might be upgrading your sewer system, getting a new roof, doing a total basement remodel, paving a new driveway, or adding a garage to your home. These are not DIY projects – all require professionals. But the results can be fantastic in terms of quality and can drastically affect your day-to-day living situation.

Sewer Upgrades

If you’ve ever had problems with backed-up sewers, a flooded yard, or serious damage because of trouble with your main plumbing, you know the pain of having a less-than-ideal sewer system. Some main components are handled on a city level; you can still upgrade the sewer system parts that are immediately connected to your home. This is a huge benefit in terms of practicality for you and can also improve your home’s worth if you plan on selling it.


Getting a New Roof

Depending on when your home was built, there’s a good chance that buying a new roof could be a significant improvement for you. It can fix leaks, but it can also dramatically increase your home’s energy efficiency. Since heat goes upwards, a new, modern roof takes care of a lot of the energy waste that plagues many homes built before certain analytic tools or building materials and techniques were available.

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Remodeling the Basement

Another huge project to undertake is if you decide to remodel your basement. Particularly if it’s unfinished, you’ll have to do everything from resealing the walls to putting down floors, creating barriers and partitions, and finishing electrical and plumbing needs very detailedly. This project can be expensive, but it will be worth the cost once the man-cave is finished.

Paving a Driveway

Sometimes, the frustration of having a chewed-up driveway will become too much for you, and the only solution is to have a new one cleared for you. This is major construction and has the potential even to need to get city approval if there are any pipes or lines on your property, but the result is smooth sailing for you and your vehicles.

Adding a Garage

And then, if you run out of space in your home, you may want to add a garage to your property. This is another major undertaking, depending on how detailed and large you want to get, but it can add convenience and value to your home base.

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