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Understanding the Different Types of Moving Packages

Relocating is not fun. However, when the need arises, we have no option other than to move our household items to the new place. As much as we might deny it, moving is hectic and tiresome. This is the main reason why people seek the services of professional movers. There are different types of moving services and packages. Here are some different packages and what determines the right moving package for you.


Full-service moving

As the name suggests, a full-service moving packages involves everything including packing and offloading. This is the least stressful way of moving. Once hired, a full-service mover will send experts to professionally pack your household items, load them in a container, load it on a truck, transport it to the new place, and offload it.

The cost of a full-moving package depends on distance, size of items, packing cost, storage and offloading cost. Although it’s less stressful, this type of moving service is expensive compared to other packages. It is especially important to hire professionals if you are going to be moving to another country, and this website has all the information you need to get started.

Self-service moving

This is also known as semi-moving services. With this type of moving package, a removals Worcester company, for example, will offer limited services; you are responsible for packing, loading and offloading your items. Usually, a moving company will provide you with a truck/container and driver. Once packing and loading is complete, a professional driver will transport your items to the new place. You will then be required to offload them on your own.



Self-service moving is less expensive compared to full-service moving services. The cost is based on the size of items and the distance they will be transported. However, you’ve got to deal with the stress and hassle of packing, loading and offloading. This type of moving package is ideal when you have adequate manpower to handle the packing, loading and offloading. Usually, self-service moving is a burden to your close friends and family.

Do-it-yourself moving

A DIY moving package is the cheapest way of moving. This package entails hiring a rental truck for your relocation. The only contract you have with the moving company is renting the truck/container. You are responsible for packing, loading, driving and unloading your things. For a successful DIY moving experience, you need a lot of time to pack and load your belongings into the truck. Although it may be cheap, this type of moving package has its own demerits. Chances of damage are very high. You also need to hire a professional truck driver if you are not experienced in driving a truck.

With this information, you can confidently choose a suitable moving package. Although you may base your choice on your budget, it is important to consider the safety of your belongings. It is advisable that you compare the advantages and disadvantages of each type of moving package to determine the ideal relocation option.

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