7 Basic Rules to Win High Stakes Rummy Games

It takes no less than a monumental master plan for anyone to win online Rummy Games. Now, what if the stakes are high? Should I even mention how sound a strategist you must be to confront the competition? A high-stake Rummy game is so demanding that it involves a taxing entry fee. A slight distraction or an error of judgment may cost you a lot. So, before approaching a high-stakes table, you need to make yourself qualified, knowing all basic strategies for how to play Rummy, which will guard you as the game goes on.

Be a smart dropper.

Knowing when to drop is an important prerequisite for a person who plays an online Rummy game, especially when there is a lot at stake. When a person is not aware of this basic rule, he can as well stop playing it. If you are a smart dropper, you can play the game with confidence. A smart dropper drops the game immediately when he is uncomfortable with the odds. He ensures that he loses a paltry sum of just 20 points by going for the first drop. When a person’s analytical ability is good, he will know when to go for the fall.

7 Basic Rules to Win High Stakes Rummy Games - Wide Info | Rummy, Rummy  game, Rummy online

Keep focusing on points:

The best thing to do while playing high-stakes games is to minimize the points as much as possible. In short, remember that the more issues you hold, the greater the chances of winning the subsequent rounds. So, even when you lose, ensure you lose only with fewer points by discarding high-value cards first. There is always a high percentage chance of coming back in the following games.

Switch over to games with less entry fee.

Since the entry fee is high in high-stakes games, as the name suggests, if you are playing intending to recover the money alone, the possibility of losing money in a short span is greater. Of course, anyone will be tempted to recover all that has been lost, but this is where you are expected to think with a cool head. Instead, try leaving high-stakes games and opt for fun with less entry fees. Once you gain enough confidence and money playing them, you can re-join and try your luck in high-stakes games.


Analyze your opponent’s movements:

Half the battle is won when you can understand the psyche of your opponent. So, it is always advisable that you keep your focus on him right from the start. If you see him taking cards frequently from the open deck, it means he is on the verge of completing the Rummy, and so you are expected to go for a middle drop wisely, saving lots of points.

Tricking opponents:

If nothing works, you should at least try to trick your opponent. If you are smart enough, you can force him to discard a card you need. For example, if you require a Queen of a Spade to meld a set of three Queen cards, you can toss a King of Spade, which will confuse your adversary so much so that he may end up dropping the Queen of Spade, which will make your job pretty easy. This process of bamboozling your opponents is called baiting.

Cards closer to jokers can be emptied:

A joker is a game-changing card that online rummy players rarely use to form a pure sequence. So, you should discard cards closer to the joker. When you do that, your opponent will not pick your discarded cards as he will not like wasting the joker. This is a classical way of keeping him under check, not known to many Rummy players.

Miscellaneous tips:

Besides the abovementioned strategies, the following are the basic rules for Rummy to remember while playing a high-stake Rummy.

a.) Always attempt to form a pure sequence first so that you will not have a sum of all points on hand when your opponent declares the game anytime.

b.) Arrange and group the cards in better order with the right color combination to not make the mistake of discarding cards that are useful to you.

c.) Sometimes, you don’t realize you are having a winning hand because you are focusing on the same group of cards throughout. Try rearranging them constantly to maximize your earnings by finding a better sequence.

Always remember Rummy is no rocket science. As you practice this wonderful art regularly, you will find it much easier and more entertaining. Initial losses you encounter while playing a high-stakes game are a stepping stone for your future success. So, get on with it without reluctance and hesitation. What you reap out of it is going to be unimaginably lucrative.

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