Pet Projects To Take On This Summer

Summer is a time for relaxation and vacation, at least insofar as you can fit both into your schedule. But this is also a time of year, particularly for adults, when it’s nice to take on a personal pet project. The days are longer, everything feels slightly more relaxed, and somehow or other, there seems to be time to work on something like this now and then. If that sounds appealing, but you don’t already happen to have a project on your mind, we’ve put together a few fun suggestions for you.

Pet Projects To Take On This Summer

Work On Your Car

Doesn’t this feel like the consummate summer activity? At least for a lot of middle-aged men, that’s probably the case. Summer makes for an ideal time to spend a few hours here and there out in the driveway, either doing mechanical work if you have the know-how or else just obsessively washing your baby. If you have the means, you might even start at the car dealership or browsing through used options in your area online and consider getting a new vehicle altogether. Then, you can spend the summer months turning it into your pet project, altering aspects of its design, improving its performance, or simply keeping it sparkling clean. More than anything, it’s just an excuse to be outside on a nice sunny day.


Build A Home Addition

If you’re particularly handy and feel like going above and beyond, another good excuse to spend some time outdoors is to use the summer months to build an addition to your home. That could mean a nice garden shed, a small guesthouse on your property, or even a whole new room or wing for the house itself. Even if you know what you’re doing from a carpentry and construction standpoint, you may want to consult an architect or a professional builder to ensure your attempt is feasible. But provided it is, this is an excellent summer project if you want to dive into a challenge.

Take A Hobby To The Next Level

This is a broader suggestion but worth considering if you want a pet project built around something you already enjoy. There are countless examples, but we’ll cover just a few. If you’ve been getting into tennis, for instance, think about taking this summer to join a league or participate in tournaments and make it your project to win a game against players at a similar level. If you ordinarily like to spend a good chunk of your summer out fishing, make it your goal to join a private membership fishing club where you can go on some more ambitious expeditions and improve your ability. You get the basic idea. It’s a great time to focus on a hobby and turn it into a talent.

Find A Side Hustle

We live in an age of side hustles, and summer is a great time to develop your own if such a thing interests you. Many people consider exploring real estate, first through casual searches of their own and then acquiring a license. It can be a fun project looking through listings, keeping an eye on them, and seeing how and when they sell; you can almost educate yourself to some extent. Another side hustle many people can get into is simply starting a website or blog on a topic of interest. These sites usually don’t earn much money, but researching how to profit from a site is pretty straightforward, and you can at least get a trickle of extra income doing something you might enjoy. As with the point about hobbies, these are just a few examples, but they might get you thinking.

Hopefully, some of these pet projects sparked your interest. There’s a long summer ahead, and it can be great to have something like this on your plate.

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