Mexican and Indian Food – Distant Twins

Mexican food is gaining popularity in India thanks to apps that help order food online. There are serious home cooks who are attempting to excel at this cuisine to satisfy their families’ taste buds. There are chefs in many signature restaurants crafting unique dishes combining authentic Mexican tastes and Indian flavors. Their job is equally easy and difficult as Mexican food is similar yet not completely the same as Indian food.

This Clever Indian-Mexican Mashup Serves at a Hollywood Car Wash - Eater LA

It is education worth having when it comes to knowing the similarities between Indian and Mexican food. You will be surprised to learn that the similarities extend from cooking techniques to utensils/equipment to ingredients, common spices, and even flavors in some cases. For a serious food lover, all this information adds to enjoying the cuisine.

Indians from all parts of the country use local produce of vegetables extensively. They are cooked along with different spices and condiments to create different tastes. The same thing holds in the case of Mexican food. There is heavy use of vegetables, basic sauces, and herbs.

One of the popular items from Mexican food is the Guacamole. This is made from Avocados. This particular item is given along with nachos and tortillas and is sometimes even eaten by itself. This special dish is prepared pretty similar to how various chutneys are designed in India. A tortilla is yet another regular item in Mexican food. It is made from corn flour and rolled flat, like theories or India’s chapatis. Similarities in cooking extend beyond these items to many others, too.


Tomatoes, chilies, tamarind, and basic spices are used extensively by both Indians and Mexicans. Beans, corn, and rice are another major similarity. Similarities extend into snacks like crepes and chips. They are almost like dosas and chips in India.

With so much similarity in ingredients and tastes, it is natural for Mexican food to become so popular in India. The love for this food is driving many to experiment with cooking it. It is not an easy task. Results are not always the same. Going through this ordeal of preparing authentic Mexican food at home is an adventure. It will leave you great satisfaction if the result turns out authentic and tasty. But until you reach such a level of expertise, it is always best to lean on experts who can deliver on your Mexican food demands. Take, for instance, Freshmenu. They serve authentic Mexican food. There are others too, like Swiggy or Food Panda. These entities are the new best friends of all food lovers. They serve delicious food around the clock. Piping hot food is door-delivered by friendly agents. What more can a food lover ask for!?

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