4 Most Common Reasons For Divorce

Couples who were once happily married and in love can face a legal battle and a long road of lengthy bills, arguing, and stress. While everyone’s situation is unique when you weigh out all the details and factors, the main reasons are usually the same amongst most divorced couples.

When it comes to the reasons that couples get divorced, here are the most common.


Over 60% of divorced couples claim that one of the biggest factors that led to their divorce was disagreements over money. When teams don’t see eye to eye on prioritizing money, it can be a huge problem in their partnership.

Causes Of Divorce: 13 Of The Most Common Reasons


Since money is, unfortunately, one of the biggest driving forces in our society, since it pays for the roof over our heads and puts food on the table, people take it quite seriously. When you put two people together who don’t have the same views on money, it can be an explosive result. It is important to agree with your partner on how you feel money should be spent since, as a married couple, your resources are joined together.

Lack Of Intimacy

Another common reason people break up is that they no longer share intimacy. Couples need to share physical and emotional intimacy; otherwise, they lose their connection beyond anything platonic.

When couples start to lose their connection, they drift further and further apart, in many cases ending in divorce first without being resolved. Sometimes, fixing intimacy issues is as easy as going to a therapist together. Many couples can work through this hurdle more than the rest.


Couples who argue more are reported to feel less close to their partners. When a couple argues all of the time, it is important to ask yourself if you think you are suited for the person you are with. While an occasional disagreement is common but encouraged, fighting endlessly is not productive or healthy for anyone.


Usually, infidelity is a symptom of a bigger problem. Typically, infidelity occurs when issues are causing the couple to feel disconnected or as if they aren’t getting their needs fulfilled and seek to get what they need outside of the relationship.

Infidelity can sometimes be moved past in a relationship with enough counseling and understanding. Still, often, it breaks the barriers of trust, and a couple is no longer able to trace their steps back to a loving place. Instead, they remain trapped in distrust, anger, sadness, and often regret. Usually, one leaves the other.

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