Why today’s IT Engineers Use Gig Economy as Side Hustle

Let us face it; life is hard as it Add Crazy  is. The amount we have to pay every month as bills, the cost of basic goods such as food, the cost of housing and the inflation that is on the rise just to mention but a few. The irony is if you are lucky to have a day job your salary increase rate is nowhere near the rate at which these bills are accumulating. You find yourself using all of your salary paying recurring bills and leaving little for saving. To add salt to injury if your credit rating is good then you live off your credit loan. This is the average life of an average American. If you have special skills, then you are in luck because you can use your skills to work in the gig economy. Today you find most IT engineers having a day job and at the same time having a side hustle as freelancers to earn just a few more bucks to supplement their never growing salary.

So why the side hustle

The current rate of inflation in the US stands at 1.7% according to statistics released by the Labor Department. What that means is the cost of goods has gone up by 1.7% over the last 12 months. The irony is the salary never increased by an inch. Most engineers working in telecom companies have a fixed salary which is reviewed after every three years. Within those three years a lot has changed and even the proportion of your salary increase if you are lucky to get one is not enough to cater for all your bills. IT engineers have decided to flock the gig economy to supplement their salaries. As freelancers in the technology industry, they can negotiate for better rates, and they end up making more in their side hustle than they make in their day jobs.

Market saturation

The engineering industry has become very competitive, more so, there is a cluster of employees who have been holding the same positions for more than thirty years hence not giving space to a crop of fresh talent. Growing up your parents must have recited the unwritten post-secondary promise, go to school get good grades then get a stable job. To your amazement, you finish school; get a degree in IT engineering, you send your resume to over 250 telecommunication companies, get three interviews and no job offer. Within three years of searching, you will settle for any job that comes your way. That explains why 12% of US engineers are underemployed. It is at that time that you come across innovative platforms such as Field Engineer that offer you gigs that actually match your skills. It also connects you with potential clients from all over the world. You work there as a side hustle before you realize that it actually pays better than your underemployed job.




Most Engineers working in day jobs find themselves working on projects that do little to provoke thought. Due to bureaucracy, the traditional employment does not allow room for innovation if anything it just suppressed it. As a young engineering graduate when you realize that your current employment is limiting your freedom to innovate, you start to look for avenues that give you the freedom to create, freelancing then becomes your next stop and you start working as a side hustle. Most technical engineers have reported to feeling liberated working in the freelancing side hustles.

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