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How to travel and Work at the Same Time

You have always dreamt of traveling the world, but are worried that you will never be able to afford to do so?

If your work doesn’t allow to be performed remotely, there are still ways to earn money while traveling to support yourself and keep you on the road.

Here are some ways which will allow you to keep traveling and make money at the same time.


If you work online, you can do it from the beach or the mountaintop. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection. Consider leaving your desk job and working for yourself. You can offer any work online. There is a huge demand for various freelance services, including web design, programming, app development, copywriting, translations, content writing, SEO marketing, photography, graphic design, online tutoring and lessons, consultancy, administrative jobs, etc.

Travel and Work

You can quickly get into the business of freelancing and start earning money to subsidize your travels and keep you well and take care of while you are crossing from one country to another. Just create a portfolio and register at some of the big freelancing websites, where you will find customers willing to pay for your work, whatever it is.

Participate in online surveys

Many companies will pay you for giving your opinion. Many surveys take a few minutes to fill out, and for each of them, you will get paid. The good news is that you can do this from anywhere and at any time convenient for you. You can fill out online surveys from your mobile phone while you are on the train or enjoying time in the wilderness.

Start earning cash by participating in online surveys today. It may not pay an awful lot, but if you do it regularly, you will be able to earn some sufficient sums to help you continue exploring the world.

Start your own blog

Writing and up keeping a blog can take some effort and time, but if you are persistent and manage to write blog posts that attract more readers, you can easily start earning significant chunks of money from your blog—the ways to earn money from a blog vary. You can get paid for advertising on your website or blog, from selling banners, from asking for subscription fees, from providing reviews, or from services and other affiliate offers you provide to your readers. The good news is that you can run your blog while on the road, so all you need is some time, your computer, and access to the internet. Of course, you will need some inspiration to write interesting posts as well, but what better inspiration than visiting new places and meeting new people during your travel?

Provide lessons and tutoring

Depending on your experience, skillset, and knowledge, you can earn quite a lot of money by offering online courses in an area of expertise. You can apply at local schools or colleges for giving English or other language lessons to the locals who are willing to learn from a native speaker. If you play a musical instrument, dance, do yoga, or any other art or sport, run some ads in the local classified ads offering lessons. You can also become an instructor in surfing, skiing, swimming or whatever sport you are good at. The chances are that if you are at an exotic location, your offer will be unique, and so it is very likely to find pupils among the residents pretty soon!

You can also apply for becoming an Au Pair for a local family or household. This usually comes with additional perks such as a free room, free meals, and others. Yes, you will need to spend time helping with the children, but you will be paid for that and will be given free days and time off to continue with your explorations and sightseeing.

In conclusion

It is completely possible to make a living and earn money while you are traveling the world. All you need is the courage to set off to an unknown destination, get out of your usual routine, and the willingness to work as a freelancer, as a tutor, a blogger, or to participate in online surveys and other paid opportunities while you are on the road.

Grab your laptop, your hat, and your backpack and get ready for the next big adventure of your life! Believe me, even if you don’t get rich, it will be the experience of your lifetime, which you will hardly regret or forget! Good luck and happy traveling!

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