Parental Control Apps for Your Kids

With the increase in cyber space-related problems, parental control is significant. Cyberbullies and predictors are on the rise. Screen addiction is becoming a severe disease for children these days. With advancements in technology, we have the best parental control apps online for download. Some are free with limited features a while others are premium. The best parental control apps today are multi-purpose. They offer screen time limits, website filtering, apps block, phone locks, activities view, and tracker, among others. The following four apps are among the market’s best parental control apps.

Parental Control Apps

Family Time App

This is one such important parental control app that you can’t afford to miss. It allows for parental control of many from one account. As a parent, you shall be required to create an account and install the app on all the devices you need to monitor.

Family Time App has the following superb features.

  • – Helps you manage the child’s screen time. You can limit the time your kid spends on the screen.
  • – Safety block. Your kid cannot access barred content such as adult sites unless you allow it.
  • – Geofencing and tracker. Limit where your kid can go and where he/she can’t. Once out of the geofence or into the wrong place, you get a notification.
  • – App Blocker. Activate apps block for those apps consuming your kid’s time. You may block social networks and games at specific times.
  • – Highly compatible with Apple. Amazon and Android devices.
  • – Offers data security. Your kids and family data is securely installed on the device.
  • – Only you can uninstall the app. The kids can’t.


This is a free and premium internet app for parental control. It works with all windows versions, android, nook, kindle, Mac OS, and iOS.

Qustodio offers you the following features.

  • – Close supervision of kids’ activities online. Qustodio allows you to see, manage and smile.
  • – Secures kids against cyber threats. Qustodio is the remedy for cyberbullying, screen addiction, adult content, and cyber predictors.
  • – View social network activities. Qustodio offers you a summary of all the kids’ activities in one reporting dashboard.
  • – Offers location tracker.
  • It- Invisibly installed because of its small footprints.
  • – Comes with a panic button for the kid to press whenever he/she feels insecure.
  • – Controls and limits time for games and apps.
  • – Comes in six languages.

ESET Parental Control App

This is a free and premium android app. It has the experience of over 30 years of offering security services. It covers over 110m people worldwide. ESET offers the following features.

  • – Website blocks and filter. ESET allows for the filtering of content according to age. As your kid grows, features are varied while protection continues.
  • – Kid locator. The app allows for the locator and geofencing of the kid.
  • – Limit for fun and games budget. Like most parental-like, kids’ time for fun and games is limited at will.
  • – Parental message service. The app allows the parent to send a message to the kid. This is a premium feature allowing the kid to respond as you wish. To keep the toe of them.
  • – Basic and full activities report.
  • – Limit of Screen time. The parent has the power to limit the time the kid spends on the screen.

Family Link Control App

This is a parental control app by Google Inc. It helps manage the kid’s use of the device while recommending important apps. The features are:

  • – Kids activity view. The parent has the power to view time breaks for the kid’s activities.
  • – Manage apps and downloads. Family Link demands that you approve a download, limit in-app purchases, and hide apps from the kids.
  • – Recommended apps. Family Link does recommend some useful apps that you can add remotely to their devices.
  • – Limit screen time. Set a screen time limit each day if you so wish.
  • – Lock device. This app allows you to lock the kid’s device for meals, outside play, sleep, etc.
  • – Kids locator. Kids tracker is another added feature of the Family Link app.

There are many parental control apps available today. Your duty is to go through them and choose the best parental control apps that seem appropriate for your case.

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