How to Write a Short Story

Every time, the process of writing a story varies. There are particular patterns of writing a short story at; everyone follows their unexpected ways. They take or apply these steps in their accounts to smoothen and simplify the writing process. Embracing these steps guarantees you the ability to develop a short and interesting story with less time than not knowing where to start.

 Short StoryHowever, before you begin to write a short story, there are three key things you need to consider, as described at First and foremost, you need to factor in the approximate time you take to create your story. People write their stories at varying paces depending on the length. Secondly, you need to have an idea. Having a vision helps you to have a hint of what to write about. Thirdly, you need to have the appropriate writing devices. Having the ideal writing devices enables you to create a short story that is not full of mistakes and appeals to the audience. So, once you consider these three things, you will be ready to begin writing. Below are some tips on how to write a short story step by step.

Write a short story.

Writing a short story with the tip of writing from a story may seem to be a silly thing. However, there are two types of accounts: the art form –short stories with characters, a plot, description, and style, and the story – which is amusing, crazy, and funny, and you can tell it to a friend over a meal. A novel and a short story are distinctive in that a story is simply a tale people always tell, whereas a short story is an art.

The first step to writing a short story is to write the version you would tell a friend. And while at it, you need to ensure you do it in one sitting. Just tell it. Do not overthink, conduct extensive research, or take a break. Tell it as it is. Overthinking, conducting too much research, and taking a break will hinder you from finishing your story in time.

Choose the main characters.

After writing your basic story, take a step back. Looking at it may make you feel proud or thoroughly embarrassed. Do not let these feelings get the better part of you. This is because they do not relate to how good or bad your story is and, more significantly, how good it can be.

The next step to writing a short story is choosing the main characters. You may presume that you know who the main characters are. However, depending on your account, this may be more difficult than you think. The main characters are not necessarily the narrators or the good guys in the story. Instead, they are the persons who make the decisions that push the story forward. Your main characters center the narrative and drive the plot, and their fate grants meaning. And, as you continue with the writing process, ensure you select the right main characters.

Create an outline

The next step to writing a short story is drafting an outline. The audience ought to be enticed by reading the first lines of your account. You can achieve this by creating a short story outline. Additionally, having a system will help simplify the writing process. So, ensure you craft a strategy before you start writing your story.

Write your scene list.

Every story consists of a set of scenes that happen in a particular place and time. Having a scene list helps keep track of your settings, enabling you to structure and organize your story. Additionally, it will help you add detail and life at each step. Scene lists help structure your account and highlight the areas that need improvement. While writing your short story, you do not have to follow your scene list precisely as it is. Nonetheless, they help you work through your account more if you write about many things.

Proper research

Many writers begin researching when they know how to pack much detail into the story. However, if you explore immediately, you get a statement that the information you gather will distort your account. Some writers do not conduct research, and this leaves their stories underdeveloped.

Please wait until your story is well on its way and prevent it from getting derailed by research. This will help you get the answer to specific questions regarding your account instead of following the tangents.


As mentioned earlier, writing your short story will be simple after writing a short story template. All the information you need for your account is in the outline. Once you complete writing, go through your paper and edit it. Correct all the mistakes you come across. Polish, making it as appealing and outstanding as possible was necessary.


Publishing your story is the most fundamental step to becoming a writer. Your account is not finished when it is not published. But you do not have to post it necessarily. Instead, get feedback from a writing friend. This will help you know if your story is appealing or not. Do not fear to show it out to other people.

In conclusion, writing a short story is not as simple as many people presume it to be. You need to know the correct short story format before writing it. Nonetheless, above are some tips for writing a short story.

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