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AVG Antivirus: Protect your Android Device before the next Ransomware affects it

We all heard about the Ransomware computer virus that is taking over the world by storm. The reason why it grew so much is the lack of security in Windows platform, though Microsoft has updated the security patches in Windows 7,8 and Windows 10, but it seems like a bit too late. Mobile operating systems like Android, iOS remain safe because of the strict security but there might be a time when someone will find a way to crack even those strict security protocols so the wisest thing to do is being on your guard regarding the security of your Android smartphone by installing antivirus applications.

AVG Antivirus Application (free)


There are a lot of antiviruses available when it comes to Google Play Store and a lot of them are developed by the creators of the antiviruses from Windows platform like Kapersky, McAfee, Avast, AVG, etc. while we are on the subject, most of these antiviruses doesn’t offer full functionality in the free version. AVG Antivirus App is an exception here and oh boy, what a treat it is for Android users.

AVG Antivirus app is one of the most feature rich antivirus application when it comes to the free versions of antiviruses. AVG is a well-known and trusted name in the field of computer security solution and it is without a doubt one hell of an antivirus application for Android.

Feature Rich AVG Antivirus App

Free Antivirus App


What makes AVG Antivirus App one of the best free Android Antivirus available in the market is that it is completely free to download. Yes, it does come with a PRO version which would let you do even more but given that it initially is a free application, you might not find yourself switching to the PRO version.

In-Depth Scanning


Every antivirus’s main purpose is to scan the device for the threats and help the users to fix them or remove them from their device. But security protocols may differ from one application to another. When it comes to AVG Antivirus App, things get interesting here as AVG doesn’t only scan the most obvious folders of your device but also takes in consideration of all the folders of your device, even those which are hidden which makes this application insane and a must have at the same time.



Another reason to download this App? Well, this will make you cling more towards the AVG Antivirus App as it offers one of the best anti-theft features you can find and that too for free. You can not only track your phone wirelessly when you misplace it but also set up amazing features onto it. For example, if your device gets stolen, you can track it with ease buy logging into your AVG account from any desktop of mobile application but you can also set up ‘Camera Trap’ feature which would click the picture using the front camera when there are 3 consecutive failed attempts of unlocking the phone, hence making it one of the best free Android security options.

Call Blocking


Call blocking is yet another bonus of the AVG Antivirus App as it lets you block call easily and you can even set a message which will be received by the caller whenever he/she tries to call you.

App Lock and Vault


AVG Antivirus App even lets its users set up App Lock in which they can set password for different applications which means no one else can open the protected application except the user. Another excellent feature is the Vault which is a password protected folder suitable to hide your sensitive data like pictures, documents and much more.

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