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How Often Should You Change Your Oil Filter?

An oil filter is a critical component inside your vehicle. While drivers have a general sense of how often they need to change the oil, they may be hazy on how often they should swap out the oil filter. Getting a new filter is not as simple as getting a car headlight bulb replacement, and you will generally need to go to your mechanic to get this work done. When you go to an auto shop to get car paint scratch remover, make sure you also ask about your oil filter.

Replace It With Every Oil Change

Most motor oil companies recommend getting an oil change once every 3,000 miles. Unless you drive an ancient vehicle with an outdated engine system, then you can take your car further than 3,000 miles with the same oil. All vehicles are different. You can find information about your specific one online or in. your owner’s manual. Some vehicles can go as far as 7,500 miles before needing another oil change.

The reason you want to do this is that the filter will quickly degrade by collecting contaminants. It catches substances that are a few microns in size and prevents them from circulating around your car. At a certain point, the filter becomes entirely saturated, and it cannot get any more contaminants. You do not want to leave this up to chance, so most people will need to get new filters a few times every year.

Replace It More Often If You Drive in More Extreme Conditions

You may need oil changes more often if you find yourself driving in severe situations. If you constantly have to drive in extremely hot or cold temperatures, then you will need new oil more often. You should also get filters replaced more regularly if you constantly have to tow heavy loads or find yourself in constant stop-and-go traffic. These conditions put a greater strain on your car’s engine, so it will require maintenance more often.

Replace It If the Service Engine Light Comes On

You will need to do more than purchase the best windshield wipers you can find when the Service Engine light turns on. Numerous things can trigger this light. Before you do anything drastic, you should first rule out some of the simpler causes of this light turning on. You can head over to your local auto parts store to get an engine reading to see what the issue is.

It could turn on as a result of the oil filter no longer being able to do its job. The engine is not working as well as it should, and the filter could be behind it. Additionally, another issue in the engine system could cause more debris and grime to enter circulation, which clogs up the filter sooner than expected.

You can talk to your mechanic if you have any questions about your oil filter or when you should replace it. In general, it is a good idea to simply replace it every time you need an oil change. You can find the best motor oil for your vehicle as well as a wide array of filters at your local auto parts shop, so contact the store today.

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