The blogger, who is going below the Instagram name of ‘tifforelie’, says she changed into left shaken and with scrapes from the scene of the accident.

And she originally shared ten pics of the twist of fate on Instagram, with a prolonged caption approximately how it passed off.

The images display Tiffany with her white crash helmet off – now not the ordinary protocol at some point of a coincidence – being cared for through a person on the aspect of the street. In a few pics, his bike is positioned in the back of them, at the same time as in others a bottle of Smartwater and a reusable water bottle is placed through her face (with the label going through the camera).

According to Cosmopolitan, In the unique caption, Tiffany wrote: “I misjudged a curve, took it too speedy and my motorbike went off the road. It slid through the grass and I hit the pavement. I had my helmet on so my head turned into great, however, I scraped up my left aspect. I changed into an absolute surprise laying on the facet of the street. Scroll via the photos to see how a great deal of it Lindsey captured!”

Some Instagram users within the comments criticized Tiffany’s choice to upload the images, calling her out for being insensitive and irrelevant. Others queried whether or not the post was a commercial for Smartwater.

Twitter customers additionally speculated approximately whether Tiffany had fallen off her motorcycle, because it’s unsafe to take your helmet off after a coincidence – due to possible spine and neck damage – and mentioned her lack of street rash.

Tiffany, is reasonable, posted to Instagram Stories to protect herself. “I got loads of bad pix questioning why I’d take pix at some stage in an accident, and why I changed into glamourizing a coincidence,” she advised her 216k fans. “There became no emblem work being carried out in any respect. My friend Lindsey files the whole lot… No pictures had been taken until every person knew I was OK. I did not recognize that Lindsey becomes taking images. The water could have been any brand – the water was introduced to me due to the fact I was laying there.”

She also insists she “simply” had her helmet and bike safety apparel on, and that the entire accident changed into a “blur”.

Via social, Tiffanny is adamant that the images were not subsidized, and went on to proportion another Instagram put up to feature that “I’m sad that some thing so real and private has been dealt with this way.”