Budget Saver DIY Hair Care Tips For A Fresh Look

Any hairdresser would tell you that DIY and hair should never go in the same sentence together, let alone in a world of hair reality. But then again, we aren’t recommending you take a pair of scissors to your hair to create a new look, and rather than creating a sexy, sleek hairstyle, you have chopped your hair into bangs, looking like a Cleopatra catastrophe. No, we have selected the best DIY hair tips from professionals worldwide and allowed our readers to be the first to hear of them.

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Don’t trust us? Grab your daughter’s or sisters’ Barbie doll and give it a bash; if it works in synthetic hair, it will do wonders for you.

Hair Masking DIY Tricks

You can follow several DIY hair recipes to revive lifeless, curly, and dead hair, but use this if you don’t have one. Taking two tablespoons of coconut oil and two tablespoons of your conditioner, mix the two, and then heat the mixture for a minute in the microwave. Any hair treatment should be heated as it activates the hair to respond to the mask. While you wait for it to set in your hair after massaging it into your hair, focussing on the tips rather than the scalp, you can kill some time at NoviBet from your mobile. If you can leave the mixture overnight, place a towel over your pillow, as the oil tends to stain. You may need to wash your hair more than once as oil sticks gently and will make your hair stringy.

Best Tip: Leave in over the weekend and wash thoroughly on a Monday morning, keeping hair away from the face.

Keeping Your Ends Split

Despite the contrary belief that cutting your hair is good for growing length, it is, in fact, not. Yes, it would help if you were trimming your ends every so often; however, regular trips to the salon not only cost but will make your hair shorter. If you are trying to grow your hair, attend a scissor ‘unhappy’ dresser who will not bludgeon your ends. Small trims are all necessary, while you can snip off split ends at home by yourself. You can spot the broken bits while sitting in the sun and only cut one off at a time.

Wait On Washing

Gross right? No! Avoid washing your hair every night as the shampoo eliminates your hair’s natural oils and does indeed become dependent on the cleaning ritual. Going 2 to 3 days without a wash benefits your bank account and your hair. Besides, the next time you wash your hair, it feels so good!

Give these simple steps a try and see how you feel in about three months. Use your hair mask treatment at least once every second week and keep washing to a minimum, and you will feel the life force growing back in by the roots.

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