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Monitor WhatsApp messages like never before with this quirky hack

WhatsApp is almost 6 years old now, and at the time when it first got released, the technological environment was entirely different, and smartphones were just a novelty. Even though Ericsson R380, the first device marketed as a smartphone got released in 2000, it still took a lot of years for the smartphones to evolve into a real smart device. But considering how phones have actually evolved, we need to make sure that our smartphone monitoring methods are also up to mark.

Many people want to spy on others’ WhatsApp. Why? Because when you monitor someone’s WhatsApp messages and multimedia, there isn’t much left that needs monitoring. Precondition: The target user needs to be a WhatsAppholic for this to work.

Internet Tips

So, today, we have this very amazing hack that will help you get to others’ WhatsApp messages straightforwardly and quickly, without making much effort.

WhatsApp monitoring app—a simple key to WhatsApp messages

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The first and the only thing that you need is a smartphone monitoring app. Yes, an app, because there are many other ways to spy on WhatsApp (like spoofing), but they all aren’t made for neo-Luddites or technologically-challenged people.


Because Android and iOS are the two most widely used mobile OS, we are featuring XnSpY for this tutorial because it can monitor WhatsApp on both mobile platforms.

For Android

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To monitor WhatsApp on an Android phone or tablet, you will need the Android version of XNSPY. You can get this easily from the company’s website for $8.33/month. Wait, do you find this price to be a little too much for spying on WhatsApp? Then wait for the last part of this read.

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After getting yourself subscribed to XNSPY, you will be provided a download link that you need to open on the target person’s smartphone. This will commence the download in effect.

After the installation, you need to open XNSPY’s control panel on your smartphone’s or desktop’s browser. On the left, choose WhatsApp from the “Messengers” tab, and you are done. You can access WhatsApp chat logs. You can also download the XNSPY Dashboard app to provide you with a customized mobile experience to access the control panel.

Add a screenshot showing the Messenger tab on the control panel and another one for WhatsApp logs.

For iOS

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For iOS, it’s almost the same for the Jailbreak version—download and install XNSPY onto the target iPhone, but your target device needs to be jailbroken (of course). Unlike Android, where you can copy/paste the download link, this one will require you to download the app onto your desktop and then transfer it using iTunes. Like you would do it for other apps.

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But there is even a simpler solution, i.e., XNSPY No jailbreak. You can use this version to spy on others’ WhatsApp if you have the iCloud credentials (user ID and password) of the target user. The control panel is the same for iOS, so you can easily guide yourself to the WhatsApp section. Parents mostly like to use this app because it’s easy to use, and they mostly know of their kids’ iCloud accounts.

Monitor more than just WhatsApp messages

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The best thing about using XNSPY is that it offers more than WhatsApp messages monitoring. You can also access any multimedia like photos, videos, and audio. Also, you can view call logs and even shared locations off the monitored device.


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Not just that this app is very convenient to use, it also has many other features. For $8.33/month, you are getting tons of other monitoring hacks, like:

  • You can track other’s locations in real-time with its GPS tracker.
  • Create geofences to keep your target within prescribed geographical boundaries.
  • Access call logs, contacts, emails, internet browsing history, calendar entries, etc.
  • View on-storage multimedia.
  • Monitor other Messenger apps like Facebook, Instagram, Viber, Line, Skype, Kik, and iMessage.
  • Record calls and surroundings,
  • Take a live screenshot.
  • Remotely lock/unlock the device.
  • Remote data wipe.

The list goes on… But most importantly, this app is reliable and the safest way to monitor your loved ones’ smartphone activities. So get down and monitor WhatsApp messages right away with XNSPY.

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