Health Supplements with Rising Trends

In the last ten years, the health industry has witnessed some breakthroughs in supplements that appear fueled by consumers seeking more natural ways to care for their health. Natural health remedies are not just limited to vitamins. The ever-growing list also includes other forms and extracts. Organic food is also becoming more popular as consumers are willing to pay extra for fresher food that is not genetically modified.

How do you eat smarter? What vitamins are you lacking? Are there supplements you can begin consuming today that may prevent horrible, often tragic diseases in the future? They are all great questions and will hopefully be answered shortly.

Best Health Supplements You Need To Take, Based On Your Age

Supplements with Great Demand

It is no longer debatable: Food supplements offer a cost-effective option for a healthier lifestyle. It is why so many consumers are introducing supplements to their diet. Omega-3s, fish oil, glucosamine, probiotics, and chondroitin remain the most common, though the list is growing rapidly. Additionally, it is surprising how the demographic for consumers of natural supplements is no longer limited to the elderly.

New Multiple-Ingredient Supplements

Another hot trend with natural health is multiple-ingredient supplements. In the past, single-ingredient supplements were largely the norm, though this has drastically shifted in the past few years. Multiple-ingredient supplements are gaining popularity because they can aid or prevent several health issues.

Supplements and Brain Health

Perhaps the biggest reason natural supplements have exploded over the past few years is the connection they may have with a healthy brain.

Consequently, discoveries recently linked between a healthy brain and supplements have provided the market with gigantic growth. Among the more popular supplements out there, VitaePro and Nordic Naturals lead the race at the moment.

food consumption, and it does not appear this trend will disappear anytime soon. Processed food may be cheaper, but organic food is being consumed more than ever.


Health Industry Accepting Dietary Supplements

Europe leads the acceptance of dietary supplements, with the United States following closely behind. According to, the dietary supplement market in Europe alone is expected to expand by about 9.5 percent over the next few years. By 2020, the market will be over $8 billion. Germany and Italy have also taken notice. None of this would be possible without acceptance from the health industry, as natural health remedies are far from the first form of alternative medicine. The truth is that more health professionals are accepting dietary supplements as a strong form of treatment with vast potential. Clinics are more likely to recommend nutritional supplements than ever before.

Probiotics and Cognitive Health

Probiotics are not new to the market, though their understanding of them has expanded lately. Bacteria may be considered a naughty word – and it is for the most part – however, there are “good bacteria” that offer therapeutic benefits. In the past, probiotics have been used to treat digestive issues, such as irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease, and skin conditions (like eczema). The living bacteria are also proven to prevent allergies and colds and help with oral health. Recently, it was announced that probiotics could help with depression based on scientifically proven studies. You can find probiotics in the form of L Acidophilus, L Plantarum, L reuteri, L rhamnosus, and more.

Where do you go from here? The sheer number of natural health products is astonishing and will likely continue to grow. Like any form of alternative medicine that you shop for online, always be careful; just because it says it’s a probiotic or multi-ingredient formula does not make it so. The good news is that the government heavily regulates the industry, yet some products slip through the cracks.

Natural supplements have a ton of promise.

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