What is a 3D Ultrasound, and What are its Benefits? Your Top Questions Answered

The traditional ultrasound – the 2D variety – has been used for decades and has served the medical community and various patients very well. They are very popular, and we all know someone who has benefitted from this technology. This technology is already outdated. However, newer and better versions are employed, with many advantages.


If you haven’t heard of the latest versions (3D and 4D ultrasound), this one’s for you. What is a 3D ultrasound, and what are its benefits? Here are your top questions answered.

3D Ultrasound

What’s 3D ultrasound?

We all know what 3D is; we’ve often heard about it, especially in popular media such as motion pictures. In essence, 3D involves imaging three dimensions: height, width, and length. If you think of 2D as a sheet of paper, you can think of 3D as a box.

The 3D is developed by creating several 2D pictures. The software allows it to integrate the various 2D images (taken from different angles) into one 3-dimensional projection of the subject observed (in most cases, the issue is a baby in the mother’s womb). When we speak of 4D, we add time – hence, we have a series of 3D pictures placed in video mode.

The general advantages

There are many general advantages to 3D and 4D ultrasounds; here are just some of them:

  • More detail, which makes the experience of having a baby a more special one
  • More and quicker information regarding the baby’s features and more
  • Better imagery, which allows the parent-to-be to see their baby in full detail – and even see them move

For the baby

It’s much better for the baby as well; the specialist can determine details and potentially detect issues such as cleft palate and lip.

For the parents

The baby’s parents can have a much clearer view of their baby. Although 3D and 4D ultrasounds are only elective ultrasounds – and not medical ones which the doctor usually prescribes – it allows parents-to-be to actually see their baby and even observe how their baby moves, how it opens and closes its eyes, and see it smile and even suck its thumb. The experience provided by such an ultrasound is magical.

Technology is constantly evolving, and when old-fashioned methods are improved upon – when 2D can grow into 3D and 4D elective ultrasounds like the ones provided by – the benefits are exponentially increased. Thanks to these innovations, mothers- and fathers-to-be are sure to get much more information about their unborn children, see them in clearer detail, and be able to establish a greater and more special bond with them – and this is always a wonderful thing.

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