Making Your New House a Home

A newly bought or constructed house is not considered a home until there are no emotions and memories connected to it. A house is just a shelter but a home is like escape hatch from the entire world with no worries of outer world and all that there is at a home is happiness. A house is called a home when it has all the things required in a household like beds to sleep, wraps to get warm, kitchen to cook and eat food, store room to store emergency items, bathroom, toilet, TV, and everything else that are necessary and required in daily routine. A home makes you feel safe and secure because it has all the things you need and one of the most important things, a family.

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The warm and love one feels at home with family cannot feel anywhere else in the whole world. But a home is not a home from always, it is made a home with love and care. A couple of things which are required to make a house a home:

  • Furniture: Furniture is a requirement of any home as well as beauty if it is chosen with a little bit of work and according to the space in the rooms of your home. Now in the market different types of varieties are available for different type of furniture. Select the furniture in such a way that it suits the look of your house. Wooden furniture has an advantage of looking classy and of availability in many different colors which helps you in making your home classy and comfy. Throw in some cushions for your couch and bed to get the best comfort when sitting or sleeping in them. Add some artwork over cupboards and small wardrobes to add a different look to your home.
  • Soothing and attractive color: The color scheme you choose for your home is going to last for a long time so take enough time in deciding that. Different types of art paintings are done on walls to make it look filled and beautiful. You can throw in some artwork and sceneries also on the least usable wall to add beauty to your home. If you are choosing plain color then choose a color which is soothing to your eyes and mood in daylight, lamplight etc. You can choose the lights according to your colors or colors according to your lights and lamps but ultimately the color should be soothing and attractive and comforting to eyes.
  • Mirrors: Mirrors say the unspeakable. Mirrors add a beauty to the home and to the observer. Choose different types and sizes of mirrors to put on walls to add a different appealing beauty to your home. You can put the mirrors according to the lights and lamps. Mirrors open up the space and also enhance the natural light in the room. You can add mirrors as and where according to your likeliness because at the end they will look beautiful and have you look beautiful also.
  • Family photo display: You should take out your friends’ and family’s old photographs and display them in one corner of your home to make it happy. The photos of family enjoying one another’s company has a beat to it, you or any of your guest would feel warm and loved watching these photographs. You can place the photographs at any place you want like on tables, dressers, and desks etc. The best way to personalize any space is adding your photographs and your family’s photographs.
  • Small plants and flowers: You should bring some greenery into your home like fresh flowers, branches etc. You can grow some herbs in pot to display greenery in your home. You can put flowers in the vase. The greenery and flowers not only add color to the home but also make you feel happier when you look at them. You can also get aquarium and some rocks in the home to make yourself feel in touch with nature. Getting much and much flowers and greenery can never go wrong because of all the beauty these things add to your environment.
  • Fireplace or heating system: A fireplace gives your home a classy look and now available new modern fireplaces are even a beauty to look at. If not a fireplace then a heating system will do because it is very much required the winter. Listening to Christmas and Hanukkah stories while cuddled up near fireplace or heating system has its own fun. Other than that the heating system cleans the air and kills the germs which are generally responsible for cold and other small diseases.
  • A clean and good smelling bathroom and toilet: A good smelling bathroom and toilet adds the unspeakable thing to your home because the guests will not hesitate in using your personal space and you will not hesitate in allowing them to use it.
  • Once in a while dinner party: A home is about creating memories and the best way to create memories is to throw dinner party to your friends, neighbors and close relatives. It does not need to be a big party like party but can be just a meeting for some wine and some food.
  • Well maintained water and electric supply: It can be very annoying when the water supply or electric supply is out, especially when there are guests over for a little party and wine. You must look towards this seriously and should check the supply from time to time. In winters there can be freezing problem in the water pipes and in such scenarios, you can buy heated pipe wrap. You would have to never feel embarrassed because of problem in water supply anymore.
  • Lights and lamps: Choose beautiful lights and lamps to add beauty to your home. Many different types of lights and lamps are available in market for you to beautify your home. Lamps and lights matching with color of walls and other things like furniture etc can be bought home for best look of your home.


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