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Advancing technology of products means people are always looking to improve their homes. Whether it be with contemporary composite front doors, new smart homes or even that flash car. What about sport? The fitness and sport industry on a whole continues to grow as people are looking to get into shape. Gyms however can be a daunting task for many, which is why people are looking to kick off their training in their own homes. Here we cover new technology for fitness in your own home.


Bringing cycling into the online multiplayer world is Zwift. The fast growing app is a physical training program that allow users to interact, train and compete against each other in a virtual world. Founded in 2014 it now is believed to have over 550,000 users, which continues to grow. It enables users to progress with the video game experience and at the same time improve their fitness no end. This really could be the future for fitness fanatics and is also a safe method for cyclists, who continue to have trouble on the roads. The app has now moved to running as well, which is likely to be a similar hit amongst consumers.



This online training platform brings a community of training together with intense workouts. You can pay for a coaching feature, which tracks your progress and sets your training for each day, which can all be done from your own home with no equipment required. Easy then? Many of the workouts are not for the faint hearted and provide a test for even the seasoned fitness fanatics. You can set challenges and follow the progression of others and comment along similar to that of social media. This high intensity training platform has continued to grow since its inauguration in 2014.


With over 100 workouts available, it provides a fantastic platform for people at all levels of their fitness journeys. The app can provide guidance to help progress your technique as well as being that motivator. You can have personal training plans created which can be adapted around your busy working lifestyle. The Nike training club is a training platform similar to social media that is enabling people to stay connected through sport. Similar to all three on the list these interactive training apps are clearly the future of fitness moving forward.


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