Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps- Nature Healing and Beauty from Your Home

Home is meant to be somewhere where people can relax. Therefore, people install different types of a waterfall or miniature ocean, which gives out the sound effects of a real-time sea. With these soothing sound effects, you can install Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps, giving out a warm glowing ambiance that soothes you to the core. These Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps also avoid the negative ion, which again simulates the purification of the air and rejuvenates the energy, just as it is done in nature.


The Himalayan salt crystal lamps are natural indoor air purifiers, which are generally handpicked from the Himalayas’ foothills. Now, how are these salt crystal lamps made? These genuine lamps originated naturally in the foothills of the Himalayas and are formed by millions of years of accumulation of crystal salt from the ocean floor. The ocean waters generally dried up when the Himalayas were formed; hence, these crystal salts slowly accumulated in the foothills.

Now, to use these Himalayan salt crystal lamps, you need to insert an illuminated light source into the lamps, and you will see the magical effects of the lamp. When the lamp gets heated, it emits negative ions into the atmosphere and cancels out all the positively charged particles. For instance, dust particles that roam around in the atmosphere are generally positive ions. These negative ions attach to it and cancel those harmful particles from the atmosphere, making the atmosphere clean and healthy. When the crystal lamp’s negative ion gets attached to the positive ion, it forms a heavier neutral particle than air; hence, it falls.

Due to the salt crystal lamps’ properties, many people use them as a natural healer of air-borne diseases. Specifically, people with asthma and another lung disease, or people who can’t breathe normally, found Himalaya crystal lamps very effective, and they have said that their condition is close to healing. Though the Himalayan crystal lamps’ excavation is new, using iodized salt lamps is not further. It has been prevalent since the 18th century, and a Polish scientist concluded that breathing in ionized air originated from salt mines.

Himalayan Salt Lamps provide a warm, luminescent light and can be used easily in offices or homes. But, it would help if you also considered the area you want to light. Since the larger the size, the bigger the lamp, or if no bigger crystals are available, you might need to buy more to light up the entire room.

Before buying a Himalayan salt crystal lamp, always check if the dealer is authentic; you should always inquire if the dealer is getting the light from a trader in the Himalayas. There can be a lot of forgeries.

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