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How to use Custom Pop-Up Tents transform a place into the center of attraction

The success of any organization is built on its interaction with people. One of the great ways to do that is to participate in big events like trade shows, fairs, and community events. They provide a great opportunity to tap into new markets, connect with potential clients, and form linkages with the people you want on your team. Events provide the big reach of mass media campaigns with the added advantage of having your staff and your products available on the spot, with no need for interested parties to go through any additional steps to reach you. When your business, agency, or other group is setting up at an event, you have two major goals. The first is on the practical side: You need to establish a location where all your information, personnel, and resources can be kept together, and you need to protect that area from sun, wind, and rain. The second goal is to get your name out there and project your brand to the event’s participants to make the most of your time at the event.

How to use Custom Pop-Up Tents transform a place into the center of attraction 1

What can a pop-up canopy do for you?

A pop-up canopy can do both of those things for you. When you’re participating in a street fair in the great outdoors, our outdoor custom canopy tents provide everything you need for a successful event, no matter what type of booth you are setting up. If you typically set up for indoor events, we also offer canopies better suited for those conditions. You’ll have plenty of space to put out display tables, demonstrate products, or even sit down and interact with customers. Some products are fully customized like this one ( –you’ll never have to set up in a generic, single-color canopy from a discount store again. Instead, you can incorporate your full brand on your pop up tent, including the logos, slogans, colors, artwork, and other features that tell the world who you are and what you do. No matter how much weather your tent faces, it will remain brought and easy to read. Our products are UV resistant and waterproof. You also don’t have to worry about safety when cigarettes or charcoal grills are in the area because our tents are flame retardants. We also offer table covers that will provide a great look for your merchandise and literature areas. These fitted accessories are designed to stay on even as customer traffic and mother nature try to scoot them out of place.

How to use Custom Pop-Up Tents transform a place into the center of attraction 2

Buy cheap or custom?

The features don’t end with the look, though. Our custom canopy tents are available in a variety of sizes and configurations. If you want to have separate areas for different functions, we can create a divided tent with spaces. If you are a regular participant in an event and always use the same size space, we have eight different sizes to choose from. One of them is sure to be a perfect fit. That means whether you’re dealing with a square space or a rectangular one, we’ll be able to create a custom pop up tent that will make the most of those expensive exhibit spaces. We can also add a backdrop to your tent. After all, not every exhibit space has a beautiful view. Sometimes you’re setting up right in front of the garbage cans. With a custom backdrop included in your canopy, you can reinforce your brand and eliminate any unsightly distractions behind it. And because our tents are available in one- or two-sided configurations, you have the freedom to set up with visibility only to the front or to the front as well as the rear. Concerned that interested people won’t be able to spot your display? We can help with that too. Add in our custom flags. They will be printed to match your canopy so that there’s no confusion about whose flag it is. Place them around your exhibit space to create some height and movement to get everyone’s attention.

Are they easy to assemble?

  • How to use Custom Pop-Up Tents transform a place into the center of attraction 3

Of course, functionality is key too. Your team may not have much time to set up or take down your custom event tent, and you may have a small team that can only make so many trips to and from the car. When everybody is tired after many long hours of networking and demonstrating, your team will be ready to quickly take the canopy down and get on the road to the hotel or the next stop. That’s why we designed our tents for easy setup and takedown. There are no complicated stakes to set up or pages of instructions. Everything snaps up and down quickly and easily, but the convenience doesn’t end there. Your custom pop up canopy will come with its own rolling travel bag so that you can easily move through crowds, across parking lots, and everywhere else you need to go. Should your space be outdoors on the grass, we also provide stakes to keep your canopy securely in place to protect your merchandise, literature, staff, and visitors from gusty winds. Another option for reducing the impact of the wind is to lower the canopy. Our pop-up tents can be set at several different heights, making it easier for you to keep the wind from disrupting your day. That’s also helpful for indoor events where there may be ceilings or signs above your space.

A successful organization will always put its best foot forward. It will have a distinctive brand that it uses at every available opportunity as a tool to get recognized by customers and clients. We can be a part of that process for you. A custom pop up tent will draw the attention of interested people, pulling them to your display and helping them remember you after the event is over. Your tent will be distinctive, personalized, and unique. Setup and transportation will be easy, and the design won’t fade or discolor over time. Don’t let another event pass your organization by without setting up the best possible display. Contact us today to get started on designing your custom pop-up tent. You’ll see big results the very first time you use it.

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