Your Guide to Changing Body Jewelry Like a Pro

Your Guide to Changing Body Jewelry Like a Pro

Having one or more body piercings is a statement of style and your own unique personality. While it is certainly something that you enjoy having and are proud of, you also probably absolutely dread the times you have to change and replace your body jewelry. While nose and ear jewelry are relatively easy to change and maintain, other body jewelry such as tongue or belly button and genital piercings will be a lot harder to change carefully. It is certainly quite a task to carefully separate the jewelry parts and ensure that the smaller parts are not lost in the process. Putting on a new piece of jewelry is even harder as you have to insert one part into the other carefully, repeatedly (and often painfully) until it fits just right. Listed below are a few tips you can follow to have a relatively easy, less painful way of changing your body jewelry.

  1. Do it in a well-lit area- try to change your piercings in an area with more lighting available than just one source, whether that is sunlight or one large tube light. Instead, change your piercing in an area in which you can use another light to focus on the area on the piercing in particular

Use more than one mirror at different angles- while you may try to change your body jewelry in front of a bathroom mirror, depending on the piercing location, you may not be able to get the optimum viewing. It is, therefore, better to change your jewelry in front of a mirror that you can get close to and view your piercing from different angles


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Clean your hands, the piercing, and the new jewelry- to avoid infections, the best possible hygiene standard should be maintained. The first step should be to sanitize your hands using an antibacterial soap to reduce the risk of infections. There are different products you can find in the market to do with body piercings in particular. Your next step should be to clean the piercing area properly with soap and warm water in a gentle manner. Please do not rub it to dry it; allow it to happen naturally. Lastly, make sure that the new body jewelry you are going to be inserting is cleaned with antibacterial soap and water as well. Dry the parts separately to allow water to leave even the smallest crevices

Depending on the type of jewelry you will insert, you will need to use different techniques. However, each part of the jewelry is small and requires you to hold the part carefully and insert it precisely. To ensure this happens, you could use gloves that will give you a tighter grip. If these tips do not help you and you are in immense pain or are frustrated from the number of times you have tried, you can either go to a professional or ask a friend who has experience with body piercings to help you out.

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