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Jewelry Trends To Try This Year

Accessorizing is like frosting the cake; you put the cherry on top or add the glaze on a donut. A few baubles or accessories can make or break an outfit. With the right pieces, you can incorporate your personality and unique taste. While classic designs persist through time, new styles, artists, and innovations take the accessory game to a whole new level.

As we enter a new decade, trend alerts forecast some of the most popular designs we can expect to be all the rage in the future.

10 Cute 2021 Jewelry Trends to Shop Now—Best 2021 Jewelry Trends

1. Layering pieces

Whether we are talking about stackable rings or metal chain necklaces, layering your accessories adds dimension. When done right, they can add a punch to an otherwise safe outfit.

When stacking rings, try using thinner pieces to avoid making your hands look smaller. For necklaces, play up with different lengths. Chokers look great when paired with other longer pieces. Don’t forget your wrists, too. Bracelets or bangles of varying textures can be your way of introducing color and even quirkiness.


2. Street-goth designs

Think about chains, heavily blinged-out accents, and big lettering. Pieces with initials are expected to make a huge splash. Whereas in the past decade, these designs were seen as more grunge, high fashion houses and elite style magazines are getting in on the look.

To keep them from looking too overwhelming, marry their badass vibe with crisp classics clothes. A white polo shirt or laid-back sneakers get an edge when you’re wearing one of these designs.

If you are a bit frightened to dive into this particular look right away, invest in a safer piece such as a signet ring. Getting a good quality one made of non-tarnish metal will keep it from looking tacky or old.

3. Introduce the rainbow

Gone are the days when all your hardware had to be the same, let alone the same color. Instead of sticking to the go-tos of silver and gold, turn your attention to the rest of the rainbow. From there alone, you can enjoy more vibrancy and a touch of whimsy.

If you are not comfortable with such loud colors, try inserting them into smaller pieces. An enamel stud, for example, will look awesome when worn with a more casual look.

4. Natural materials

Nature makes a comeback as tortoise shells, pearls, conches, and shell designs enter the scene. These natural materials have been getting love from fashion week runways as early as 2019.

These focal points can be used in bolder ways, such as in big pendants or subtly like a small earring. Since the original materials are quite delicate, it is better to opt for higher quality pieces. This means a higher price tag, but you do get more security.

If you don’t want to use these byproducts, you can always find artificial copies. But keep a keen eye to make sure your purchase doesn’t scream fake.

If you don’t want to buy a byproduct but don’t want to go to the faux-route, look at vintage stores. Jewelry dealers or smaller boutiques usually have a finely curated jewelry collection, which may include vintage pieces. This is a smart choice because you can find a historied piece while reducing your fast fashion footprint.

As always, fashion is always changing, and often styles go only to make a comeback later. So, if you don’t feel a connection with a design, don’t force it for the sake of trends. Most importantly, when buying accessories, choose pieces that speak to you and you can consider meaningful.

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