How to Match a Corsage to Your Black Prom Dress

The little black prom dress – it’s a classic choice for ladies who want to look sophisticated, fierce, and fabulous when it comes time for their formal affair.

Usually a fairly easy color to accessorize, style, and rock, there are a few complications in the black prom dresses, including the ever-necessary corsage.

The corsage is a must for your prom, and it’s something that you’ll likely remember forever – that being said, it’s so important that you and your date work out a way to get you the perfect corsage for your black dress!

So, how do you and your date coordinate to match your corsage to your gorgeous, little, black prom dress? We’ve laid out a few styling tips for your corsage troubles – check them out below, copy-cat them, or use them for inspiration. Whatever you do, make sure you and your date find you a dynamite corsage to match your dynamite prom dress.



White Flowers for Classic Looks

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So classic, so chic, so elegant – white is a beautiful choice for a corsage if you’re planning to rock a glamorous, timeless black prom dress. Soft creams, pure whites, or a mix of the two can really bring a classic sheen to your black prom dress. Consider adding a white rose for your centerpiece surrounded by other beautiful white buds such as orchids, white ranunculus, or spray roses. Don’t be afraid to throw in some black or white ribbon, too! It should be classic, but it should also be chic. This will help to soften up your look while providing an elegant twist to your already sophisticated look.

Red is Timeless

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As usual, a classic red can do absolutely no wrong, and that’s especially true when you’re pairing it as a corsage with a classic black prom dress. Consider going full-classic with a bright, red rose as the primary flower around on your corsage – nothing says romance, sensuality, and excitement like a beautiful red rose. If you want to add in fun accents surrounding, you could mix in another red shade in the form of berry drops and green leaves or try to soften up the overall look by adding a few white gardenias or orchids we mentioned. Above!

Sophisticated, Soft, Subtle

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The beautiful thing about a black dress is that it’s so versatile – by that, we mean you can add in several different shades and hues into your look without it overpowering your dress. Consider adding in soft, supple colors like light pinks, pastel peaches, and delicate purples. Try not to go too bold and bright when you’re doing this – try to keep these colors light and soft – to avoid any potential clashing. Consider flowers like purple lilies for a little drama, purple orchids, light-pink cymbidium orchids, or even sprays of small roses and white hyacinth.

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