4 Tips for Boosting Your Blog That Have Nothing to Do with Content

To be a successful blogger, you need to not only fill your blog with top-quality content but to promote it as well. Luckily, you don’t have to be a professional marketer to bring traffic to your website. You need to use a few simple but very effective promotion techniques and be consistent with your updates.


4 Effective Blog Marketing Tips You Can Use Right Now

Start using analytics

Not all content performs equally well. You need to understand which of your posts bring the best results to more like these in the future. To do this, you can use tools like BuzzSumo to analyze the performance of your website.


If you already have an active and established audience, you can get some data by launching surveys among your visitors. Ask them what they like most, what kind of new content they’d like to see, etc. This will give you an extra boost of loyalty from them as people like it when their opinions are considered.

Switch to a better hosting service

Today, website performance is paramount to users as over 50% of them will leave a page if it doesn’t load in about 2 seconds. Getting a great hosting service will help make your blog faster and can even give you some handy extra features, like a free choice of a domain name, professional email address, etc.

Note that there are many unreliable hosting services, so you need to be careful and only work with the best. You can find them by studying independent reviews on websites like Web Hosting Media.

Beef up your Facebook posts with visuals and paid campaigns

Every blogger needs a Facebook account for content promotion. 79% of all American Internet users and over 26% of the global population use this network. To reach them, you should promote your blog content through well-planned Facebook posts that include a catchy visual and title.

If you can afford it, you also should use Facebook’s option to boost your post. These paid advertising services are very affordable, especially if you chose a one-day campaign. You also need to use Facebook’s Audience Optimization feature to target your specific audience.

Oversee the results and boost the posts at different times after publishing to determine which scheme works out best for you. The Facebook Ads Manager will help you track the efficiency of your campaigns and manage them.

Attract traffic through contacts

As a blogger, you have a chance to attract traffic ‘by association.’ You can do this by guest posting to other blogs and websites popular in your niche. You can also contact opinion influencers both in your city and in your niche. Having them promote your blog will raise your profile both with the global and local communities. Joining various ventures and campaigns in your field will also bring you more exposure.

Bloggers need to be very active and use every networking opportunity. Creating great content is vital for your success. But without a good marketing campaign to promote it, no one will ever know how amazing it is. Therefore, every blogger should learn to be a marketer, at least until you start making enough money to hire a professional to promote your website.

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