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4 Tips to Identify the Best Indian Restaurant

The different cuisines of the world are true wonders that bring immense joy. But, in order to have a good experience in a restaurant, there are a number of factors that must act together in harmony. Restaurants are the most popular hangout for any kind of meaning, whether personal or professional. Birthday parties, corporate lunches, business dinners, and family get-togethers can all be a great success if they are organised in the right location. An important point to keep in mind is that different cuisines have different levels of preparation and one of the most difficult is Indian food. Therefore the biggest problem automatically becomes finding an Indian restaurant that serves great food in an ambient setting. Listed below are four tips you can follow to find the best restaurant-

  1. Cleanliness and Hygiene- this should be the first and most important factor you consider when looking for a restaurant. Before you even visit the restaurant, see if you can find online reviews by critics as well as customers and look for any negative comments. The cleanliness of the place is a factor that will encourage you to come back again or dissuade you from revisiting.
  2. Well-prepared food- when it comes to the food being served in an Indian restaurant, it is important for it to be flavourful and tasty. Indian food is made with different spices that are the key to the taste of the food. The best Indian restaurants will have glowing reviews by customers as well as critics on food platforms and local newspapers. Also make sure to look up the experience of the chef before going to a restaurant
  3. The right ambience- the ambience of the restaurant plays a key role in the overall experience at the restaurant. This includes the lighting, the seating, the music, as well as the mood of the restaurant. Ensure that the restaurant you are going to visit matches the ambience of the location with the character of the food that is going to be served
  4. Budget friendly pricing- the last factor to consider is the pricing of the food. Remember that compromising on the cost of food could also result in you compromising on the quality of the food and your overall experience. But, you do not need to worry about spending a lot of money every time you crave Indian food. Most restaurants are quite reasonable in their pricing. 


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To summarise, the three main factors you should keep in mind while looking for a good Indian restaurant are decent pricing, relaxing ambience, and excellent food. Chutney Cuisine of India is one such restaurant that fits all these criteria. Having been voted as a finalist in the Best Restaurants Readers’ Choice in the Okanagan Life Magazine, it promises a wide variety of Indian delicacies all prepared by experienced chefs. Click on to look at some of the most popular dishes they serve. Their menu ranges from starters, soups and salads, and Indian breads to the more favoured tandoori specialties and flavourful Indian curries.

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