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3 Most Common Reasons People Are Unhappy

Studies show that one out of three people say that they aren’t completely fulfilled with their lives. They have a general dissatisfaction when they leave their houses every day and don’t have a zest for life that happy people do.

When you are unhappy with your life you fail to see the beauty and good in things that are apparent to others who are open to it. Happiness is something that gives you confidence, inner peace, and makes you a better overall contribution to the world.

Therefore, making it a priority to be happy not only for yourself but for others as well is not only improving your own life but the world as a whole. If the world were full of happier people there would be less crime, violence, and acts of hate. Here are some of the most common reasons why people claim they are unhappy and what they can do to change it.

Not Fulfilled By Their Work

Since work is something which is such an integral part of everyone’s daily lives it is essential to make sure that they like what they are doing. When you wake up every day and commit your life to an activity which doesn’t make you tick, you may literally start to kill your spirit.

People who work full time jobs which make them feel unfulfilled can lose their happiness over the years and not even realize that it has happened. It is important to find a job that makes you feel happy and like you are devoting your life to something that matters. When you have meaning the you don’t feel like you wasting your days away doing something which isn’t part of the greater whole. Therefore, get qualified for whatever it is that you love.

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Self-Esteem Issues

People who have a low sense of value for themselves have a problem finding joy in anything. True happiness starts from the inside, therefore, if you aren’t happy within, you won’t be able to feel happy without.

In order to be happy you must overcome any issues with yourself that you are battling with and learn to embrace and love yourself to your biggest potential. Only by loving yourself are you free to accept love from others.

No Support System

Often unhappiness is a result of someone feeling like they don’t have anyone to lean on. When times get difficult or they need someone to be able to talk to and feel loved by, this can lead to a feeling of isolation and sadness.

Therefore, before you start to wonder what the factors are that are making you unhappy, ask yourself whether you really have someone to talk to when times are tough. If the answer is no, you should probably consider that this is the first and foremost biggest factor.

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