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Ways of keeping termites at bay

Termites can be a nightmare for a homeowner. As tiny as they are, they can wreak havoc on your house or property if not checked. National Pest Management Association posits that termites can lead to a loss of over 5 billion dollars if left unchecked. The most discouraging fact is that insurance companies don’t cover for damages caused by these ravenous critters. Thus, you could be left with expensive damage to repair. Due to climate change in the US and some other parts of the world, termite eradication has become a serious problem.

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Therefore, this article seeks to give you tips on how to keep these notorious insects at bay.

Reduce moisture around the house

The most common and notorious termite species, the subterranean termites, require some measure of moisture to thrive.  Thus, you must reduce the moisture in and around the house. This can be done by repairing leaking faucets, diverting any water flowing near the house, and repairing exterior AC units.  When your property is dry, then there is no attraction for termites.

Remove stumps and dying trees in your compound.

A dying tree or a stump will definitely attract termites. This environment sustains their colony. When you get rid of this environment, then you can decrease the risk of infestation. Furthermore, you should make sure the trees are properly trimmed and the stumps properly disposed of.

Beware of wood foundations.

Termites are excited by wood, and therefore you must ensure that you properly treat the foundation wood and regularly. That would require a Safeguard Pest Control Sunshine Coast, which would monitor any infestation traces and any signs of mud tubes or some hollow sensation when tapped. If you plan to build a location that is prone to termite infestation, you should consider a concrete foundation. Wooden foundations are more susceptible to termite damage.

Watch out for signs of termite infestation.

You will know when you are under attack by the notorious insect. You will possibly notice some termite winds near the windowsills or on the floor. Again, termites build tubes and tunnels, which connect them from their habitation to the food source. You could also notice some ripples on the wallpaper, which is an indicator of termite activity. If you tap the wood in your house, listen out for a hollow sound, which could indicate an infestation. You may also notice some termite droppings dotted in some areas around the house, an indication of an attack by dry-wood termites. Click here to take advantage of the services offered by a professional.

Seal the home regularly.

It is easy for termites to get into gaps and small openings. Check the cracks in the foundation walls and check through the crawl space vents to ensure no infestation. Ensure regular inspection by a pest control professional who will establish no termites within your house.

Termite infestation can be a costly issue to resolve; therefore, paying for a professional to do the work is definitely worthwhile!!

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